Don’t Buy a New Computer Until You Read This

Thinking about buying a new PC? Has your once shiny, new computer deteriorated over time? Is it slow, unresponsive, or does it feature an ancient operating system? Before you junk your computer and spend a fortune on an entirely new system, consider the following tips. It is possible to have your old computer running like new again.

Upgrade Your Hardware

No one is asking you told hold onto a buggy, Windows 98 PC. But, if you have a somewhat contemporary PC, updating the hardware could have it operating like new again. Consider installing an SSD (solid-state drive), which will increase speeds and increase your storage space. SSDs turbocharge boot times, app launch times, and browsing times. Continue reading “Don’t Buy a New Computer Until You Read This”

Differences between DVD-R and DVD+R

Sometimes you learn about something when you are presented with options. I never knew or better to say, I never figured out that there exists two different formats for a CD/DVD disk. It was last week, when I went on Amazon to buy a DVD pack for myself that I found that there actually exists two different DVD types (excluding others like RW, RAM), DVD-R and DVD+R (DVD minus R and DVD plus R) and it was then that I began reading more on that and finding out what are the differences.

So in case you are still not sure about the key differences between –r and +r formats and why do they even exists, then I am jotting down my findings. Continue reading “Differences between DVD-R and DVD+R”

How to Measure USB Drive’s Read and Write Speed

USB drives are the commonly used storage media today as these are very convenient and easy to use, and also because of their high storage capacity, everyone likes to use them. But there is one more factor which we people tends to ignore while purchasing one. It’s the speed that I am talking about. Yes, everyone likes faster drive and high reading and writing rates.

So what if you have already purchased a drive and don’t know its data read and write rate? Nothing, just use this simple utility from the website called The website is really useful in measuring the read and write speed of your drive but aims at benchmarking all of the USB flash drives across the world. Continue reading “How to Measure USB Drive’s Read and Write Speed”

Get Golden Lightning USB Cable for your Golden iPhone 5S

Most of us are aware of the new iPhones launched by Apple recently. Well this time iPhone had really good improvements and was no disappointment. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S which are the two iPhones launched by Apple are currently on Pre-Order these days. There are lot of features that are introduced by Apple in these devices, some of those which I like are the finger scan unlock, dual color flash and gold color etc.

Yes this time the iPhone 5S is being offered in more than the usual two colors, Black, White and the Gold. Continue reading “Get Golden Lightning USB Cable for your Golden iPhone 5S”

3 Free Anti-Theft and Recovery Software to Track and Recover your Stolen Laptop

Just like mobile phones, laptops are also getting stolen everyday may be from coffee shop, airports or any location. When you are away from your laptop, anyone can come and pick it up within seconds. Protecting your laptop is very important as it is not only expensive to buy another one but also because it contains your sensitive data. It is difficult to track a stolen laptop once it is lost but if you make use of some laptop recovery tools then it is possible.

Here are some free laptop recovery and Ant-Theft software to protect your laptop. Continue reading “3 Free Anti-Theft and Recovery Software to Track and Recover your Stolen Laptop”

Microsoft Mouse with Windows Start Button available for Windows 8

I switched to Windows 8 when I got a new laptop last year on Thanksgiving, and since them I am using it daily. It was my first experience with Windows 8 and I must say I like it so far, there is no feature in Windows 8 that I don’t like, however I have come across some people who don’t like Win 8 and most of all complain about the missing Start button. This has never been a problem to me, but in case you don’t like it then Microsoft had released (a couple months ago actually) a pair of computer mice with the button incorporated.

The first one is called as Sculpt Comfort Mouse and as you can see in the image below, it has a Windows Start button attached to it on left (sadly left handed person would not be able to use it). Continue reading “Microsoft Mouse with Windows Start Button available for Windows 8”

Find, Recover and Protect your Stolen Laptop with LockItTight

Laptops these days are so expensive that one can only wish to buy that lavish laptops and what if you have one? Well you need to protect it from various troubles. I have a good configuration laptop which I bought few months ago and it has my personal data too which I can’t afford to miss. What if somebody steals it? Laptop thefts are on a high these days and thus you got to be more alert to protect it.

But practically you can’t always be with your laptop all the time and this is when someone will try to steal it. Had there been a way by which the laptop can let us know its position on its “own”, recovering it would have been easy but in reality it is not the case. Thus you need to protect it with some app that can at least tell you the location and the activities performed on it when it has been stolen. Continue reading “Find, Recover and Protect your Stolen Laptop with LockItTight”