Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner: Helps you Clean your Computer Hardware

It is a known fact that the keyboard and mouse are the most unclean parts of your computer. The reason for this can be since it is one thing which everyone touches but nobody sanitizes, or may be that you are too tired to clean it up frequently. So it may be the dust, or the germs deposited over the period of time that had made your computer or specifically keyboard and mouse unclean.

So what are you waiting for? It is a good time to clean your computer with anti-bacterial wipes, isn’t it? Well the chances are you are already working on your computer and if you start cleaning your computer you might press some keys and open some apps. Well this is what happens when you try to clean your computer when it is actually ON and running. Continue reading “Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner: Helps you Clean your Computer Hardware”

Advantages of Custom Installation of Nvidia Drivers in the Computer

Recently I bought a new laptop for myself which had the Nvidia graphics card built-in and since I am interested in gaming too, Nvidia card was what I was looking for. Most of us also have Nvidia card in their machines but do you know that while installing the drivers for Nvidia, we should do a custom installation? Here are the benefits of installing only the custom drivers and how to do that.

First of all, the full package of Nvidia drivers is very heavy and has size of around 180 MB which is because it has many other drivers that are needed by some supported machines (but not all). This package contains drivers such as 3D which are only required if your display supports 3D display. Continue reading “Advantages of Custom Installation of Nvidia Drivers in the Computer”

Why is it written as “Do Not Cover this Hole” on Hard Drives?

If you have seen your hard disks present inside your desktop or your laptop then you must have come across a sticker or a note saying that “Do Not Cover this Hole” which would be pointing to a hole on the hard disk. This is there on every hard drive and is for some reason which most of us are not aware of.

No this hole is not acting as a heat sync and does not emit heat of the disk outside rather it is there for some reason that helps the disk for its normal operation. The disk hole is also not related to the warranty or something but have something important as mentioned below. Continue reading “Why is it written as “Do Not Cover this Hole” on Hard Drives?”

How are CDs Made or Created?

CDs or DVDs which used to be one of the easy and convenient ways of data transfer are now least used since the advent of USBs. Compact Discs stayed into the world of computers for quite a long, but have you ever wondered how were they created?

Most of us think that CDs are just plastic discs which have some shining data storage material on a side, but is it the actual fact? Here we are sharing a video for all you enthusiast who would like to know how the CDs are made or created. Continue reading “How are CDs Made or Created?”

Disable or Make your USB Ports Read Only in a Single Click

With the advent of USBs things have become very simple and comfortable. I remember working on floppy disks and other storage devices which were not that easy to use. But with comfort there comes sense of insecurity. USB devices can be used by anyone to transfer anything from the computer to the drive. What’s more, there is no way to tell who connected the drive to the system and for what purpose.

USBs can be used for bad purposes also whether willingly or unwillingly. Some one can connect a drive to your PC in your absence to transfer any of your confidential file or your children can bring in any computer virus through a USB device. Thus it is very important to keep a watch on your USB ports and the best way to do so is to block the USB ports or atleast make it read only. Continue reading “Disable or Make your USB Ports Read Only in a Single Click”

Laptop Screen Comparison: Glossy Vs Anti Glare (Matte)

With so many options to choose from, buying a new laptop becomes a really tough decision. First of all we need to choose from our favorite brands, and when we have decided to go for some brand there are even more laptop types and configurations that spins our head.

To add to this situation there are two laptop screen types as well, which is not easy to choose if you are unaware of the screen types and the differences. There are mainly two screen types called as Glossy Screen and Anti Glare Screen (or Matte or Anti Glossy). If you don’t know which screen should suit you the best and which will be more comfortable to your eyes, then you got to have some knowledge of the types.  Continue reading “Laptop Screen Comparison: Glossy Vs Anti Glare (Matte)”

Control Mouse Movement by your Hand or Head Gestures with NPointer

If you need to work much on the computer (like me) and tend to take small breaks to sit back and lean on the chair, then you must have felt the need of  some wireless mouse controller then this post is worth reading. In case you just wish to have some gesture controlled mouse controller, then also this post is going to interest you.

There are lot of tools in the market using which you can control your mouse without any direct contact. Some of them use the webcam to recognize your movements and convert the signals into mouse movements. One good tool that does the same and does well is called the NPointer. Continue reading “Control Mouse Movement by your Hand or Head Gestures with NPointer”

Some Mouse Tricks you might not know

We like to share every cool tip or a trick with our users and this is the reason why we shared “some cmd shortcuts that you might not be aware of” some time back. Today also, we are sharing some mouse tricks that you probably are not aware of.

Using mouse is very easy and comfortable which is why we use it daily in our lives. But there are some mouse tricks that not all people know, so here is a list of few of them. Continue reading “Some Mouse Tricks you might not know”

Disable/Lock Mouse and Keyboard to Prevent Unauthorized Access

When you are watching some movie with your children or say, showing something on computer with your children, the most common problem is, they banging your keyboard. This is the same everywhere and for this reason some systems have started coming with a new feature of disabling the Mouse and Keyboard.

My laptop also have a mouse touchpad disabling button but not for the keyboard. So if you also wish to disable or lock the mouse or keyboard of your system to prevent your children from playing with the system while there is some important program already running on it, then you can also do this using this free tool called KeyFreeze. Continue reading “Disable/Lock Mouse and Keyboard to Prevent Unauthorized Access”

Enhance Existing WiFi Signals at Home with Netgear WiFi Booster

Today most people like to spend time online surfing for many items, so with the increased internet usage, the WiFi usage has also started gaining popularity. Moreover one can find almost every home to be networked with WiFi for easy internet accessibility and mobility. But still there can be some spots in your home (depending on your home design) where the WiFi signals are either minimum or not at all. This means you won’t be visiting that place in your home when you are on a wifi network.

So what shall you do in this situation, install another WiFi modem/router? This is surely you would not like to do. Well here is some better solution to this problem. With the Netgear WiFi Booster released recently, you can extend your home WiFi network to almost every part in your home for better accessibility and mobility. Continue reading “Enhance Existing WiFi Signals at Home with Netgear WiFi Booster”

How to Scan your Hard Disk for Errors

With the continuous usage of our computer over the time, our hardware degrades and so do the hard drive. Although a new hard disk usually is guaranteed for about 5 years but it happens many time that it develops errors. So in case you are finding your hard disk to be too slow or making some noise while performing any read or write operations, then this post will help you in solving this issue.

Also since our hard drive contains lot of important data we would advise you to backup it first, in case there is some undoable change. Here are two ways on how you can scan your hard drive for errors and try fixing them on own. Continue reading “How to Scan your Hard Disk for Errors”