Solution to Start the Printer Spooler Services

One of our readers was facing this problem that he was unable to start the printer spooler services and an error pops up saying: “Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close”.

First let’s see what is Print Spooling?

In Print Spooling documents gets loaded into a buffer that is usually an area on the disk and the printer uses them from the buffer at its own rate. Spooling also lets users place a number of print jobs in a queue instead of waiting for each one to finish before specifying the next one.


The cause for this is that a either a third-party printer driver or a service is preventing us from initiating the spooler service. Continue reading “Solution to Start the Printer Spooler Services”

Remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

Some days ago my PC got extremely slow and started taking a lot of time to boot. Then I thought to start a chkdsk scan at the next startup and to my surprise I found that there were Bad Sectors in my hard disk.

What are Bad Sectors?

Bad Sectors on the drive is the Physical Damage done to the Disk that prevents the use of the disk sector for data storage. These can be caused due to the read/write head that comes in contact of the disk. The data stored on the bad sector can’t be read any more.

Before performing some techniques it would be useful to know that Bad Sectors can never be removed completely from the disk but can be reduced to certain extent. There are many tools available on net like “Zero Filling” but they are all useless. Continue reading “Remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk”

Solution to remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive

This seems to be the problem of most of us these days and some of our readers who wanted to know the methods how they can remove the Write Protected error from their USB drives like Pen Drives and memory cards.

What is Write Protected error and why it happens?

In the Write Protected error, we can’t write or copy any data in our flash drives and even can’t format the drive.

There are many reasons that cause this problem, let’s see solutions of them. Continue reading “Solution to remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive”

Fix the problem of USB Pen Drive not getting detected

Some of our viewers wanted to know how they can solve the problem of USB Drives like Pen Drives not getting detected in the computer. This is a common problem nowadays and is a nuisance in case of need.

This problem can be of two types as listed below, so just figure it out and apply the correct fix:

Problem 1: Pen Drive does not get detected at all.

Problem 2: Pen Drive gets detected but doesn’t show up in the My Computer.

Let’s see the possible solutions to these problems:

Fix to Problem 1:

•    First of all check if the pen drive is working all fine by plugging it in some other PC. If it works well there then it means that the drive is not faulty. Continue reading “Fix the problem of USB Pen Drive not getting detected”

Solution to fix Blue Screen of Death

We all must have come across a situation when suddenly working on the system, we notice that a “Blue screen” comes up reading “Physical Memory Dump” and also showing some hexadecimal numbers. This is like a nightmare to all computer users and we all fear this problem, don’t we?

There are many problems that cause this problem. Most common of them are:

1.    RAM Failure:

This problem is mostly caused if there is some problem in your RAM installed in the computer. So just try changing it with any of your friend’s but with similar RAM configuration.

2.    Hardware Failure:

The problem can arise due to some conflict between the system and any new hardware that Continue reading “Solution to fix Blue Screen of Death”

Solution to fix the USB Drive not recognized problem

USBs have surely made our lives simpler and convenient. We like plugging our pen drives, flash drives and other external devices in USB ports but there is a strange problem that happens sometimes that when we insert our USB drive into the USB port we get an error message saying “USB Drive Not Recognized”.

The error message reads “One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message”. If we open the My Computer we will Continue reading “Solution to fix the USB Drive not recognized problem”

Difference between Intel’s Core 2 Duo and Dual Core processors

This seems to be the confusion of many people today and most of them don’t actually know the difference between Intel’s Core 2 Duo, Dual Core, Core Duo and also Pentium D processors.

Let’s see the differences between them:

In a simple language, all these processors listed above are Dual Core processors in general.

•    The processor Pentium D is just the two Pentium 4 Continue reading “Difference between Intel’s Core 2 Duo and Dual Core processors”

Fix the Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device error

This must have happened to each of us many times that when we click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the system tray to remove hardware, we get an error message saying “The device ‘Generic Volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later”.

The only reason for this problem is that the pen drive is still in use and some data is either being read from it or being written into it. That means some process is using the drive but we do not know what the processes are that are accessing the drive.

Steps to fix the problem:

1.    End the processes that are using the USB drive: Continue reading “Fix the Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device error”

Break BIOS Password

A user may also put a BIOS password preventing you to even enter the system but if you wish to access the system do not worry we you can still do it. However, I only recommend this trick for your own personal use.

What is BIOS?

Bios stands for Basic Input Output System and is a firmware code run by a PC when first powered on, which is a type of boot loader. The primary function of the BIOS is to identify and initialize system component hardware (such as the video display card, hard disk, and floppy).

How to Break a BIOS Password?

The following steps work absolutely fine for a Desktop and are the easiest of all.


•    Shut down the computer and take out all the plugs connected to Continue reading “Break BIOS Password”

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts least known to us

We like to spend our most time on PC either doing some work or just chilling out. Keyboard shortcuts make our difficult task easy and we also stress out less. There are whole lots of key shortcuts available and I would not waste time discussing those already known shortcuts.

So here is a list of least known shortcuts that may come useful if our mouse is not working.

For Windows:

  • We know to go back in the browser we use “Backspace” but do you know the key to go forward? Use keys “Alt + right arrow” to go forwards. Alternatively you could use “Alt + left arrow” to go back.

Speed Up your Slow PC

Are you tired up of your old and slow computer and wish to make your system turn into a new one? Working on a new system is fun. We all wish to turn our system into something that we purchased few years back.

The new PC is quite fast and efficient to work with but with the passage of time it tends to get slower (luckily mine is working all fine). So if you are facing this common problem then have a look at the possible solutions to make your PC fast.

1.    RAM
This is the first thing that you should check, these days several heavy applications are built up so you need to have considerable amount of memory to handle these. These days, I prefer one should go for 2GB RAM.

2.    Get rid of files that are not used
Uninstall all the programs that are there in your system occupying space but are almost never used by you. This will not only free your space but will also clear the waste.

3.    Clean up your system
Delete all the temporary files and similar files. Go to Continue reading “Speed Up your Slow PC”

The Use of ScrLk Key

Wondering what a key titled ScrLk is doing on our keyboards? Well, it’s a fact that most of us didn’t actually know the function of ScrLk key. I have asked many people but found that this is a key least used by them. Let’s see what this key is doing there:

ScrLk stands for Scroll Lock and is placed between the keys PrtScn and Break. This toggle key is also associated with a light indication, showing whether it’s on or off. The key has got something related to the arrow keys. It was developed to modify the work done by the arrow keys and even its working depends upon the software that is currently in use.

The primary work it used to do was Continue reading “The Use of ScrLk Key”