2 Ways to Send Free Self-Destructing Messages

If you ever wished to keep your information that you are sharing with someone, private and be tension free that it will be deleted automatically after some time then yes, we are sharing two ways to send self-destructing messages which are similar and yet different.

Wondered why Snapchat got so famous? Yeah, it lets you share your images with others that you know will not be saved on to the receiver’s phone and can’t be reused. Based on the similar concepts, there are some apps like Telegram that can be used to send texts, images etc.

In case you spend more time on computers, then don’t worry, there are free services that you can use to send self-destructing messages. So no more worrying about sharing some info that you want doesn’t stay long with the receiver. Here are two free services that works similar but in different ways. Continue reading “2 Ways to Send Free Self-Destructing Messages”

How to Turn Off Facebook Birthday Notifications

If you are on Facebook, then I am sure you know what this post is going to be all about. Being on Facebook means you are connected to lot of friends and the chances are you are getting one birthday notification daily informing you that either one or many of your friends have birthday today.

Well, receiving notifications for birthdays doesn’t hurt but what if you are a dormant user who doesn’t use Facebook (only uses to see the stories) or don’t take any action on the birthdays. Whatever be the case, I just wanted to tell you that it is actually possible to turn off the Birthday notifications however doing it is a choice which I leave on you. Continue reading “How to Turn Off Facebook Birthday Notifications”

Find if your Sent Email has been Delivered and Read, with MailTrack

Today most of the communication is done through digital means, which includes text messages and emails. It’s always helpful to find out if someone has read the text or the email that we sent or not. If you are using the Whatsapp, then you already know that it provides us a feature to find out if the message has been delivered and read or not, but what with the case of emails?

Although some email tools like Outlook provides us this feature to find out, but it is limited to itself and we can’t use it to determine our personal emails. How about we introduce some tool that enables you to determine if your email you sent through your gmail account has been delivered and read? Well it’s very simple. Continue reading “Find if your Sent Email has been Delivered and Read, with MailTrack”

Replace Google Doodle with your Favorite Doodle (Chrome)

Google’s homepage images also called as Google Doodle are fun, interactive and can easily lighten up your mood. Google create and changes these doodles quite often depending upon any historical day, birthday, anniversary, special event like a game or anything significant. Sometimes Google also creates these doodles like a game which user can play and enjoy.

You can also learn more about that doodle by clicking on that doodle which will take you to the Google Search where it will pull up the details about that event. The bad thing is that Google only keeps that doodle for that day and changes it next day. Continue reading “Replace Google Doodle with your Favorite Doodle (Chrome)”

Play Local Music Files with Chrome as Music Player

Do you know, a web browser is capable of performing much more than just browsing on internet? Well yes, you must have seen a browser opening images, playing videos using the Java or HTML5 technology, opening PDF docs and sometimes playing music files too. To make this music playing experience richer, you should probably continue reading.

You can perform lots of tasks just with your browser, and for the majority of those using Chrome, you can also play your local music files stored in your computer with Chrome, no separate music player needed. With the help of a Chrome extension that you can install right in your browser, called as Achshar Player, you can improve the capability of the music player in Chrome. Continue reading “Play Local Music Files with Chrome as Music Player”

WiFi Map Pro lets you find Closest WiFi Hotspots with their Passwords

Who doesn’t love Free Wifi and that too if you are on a tour? To be connected to internet and to our close family, friends we need to have some sort of internet connection in our phone. It can be either your cellphone data or the Wifi.

While connecting to an open Wifi might not be safe as you can’t know who is collecting what data or not, connecting from cellphone data incur charges. But there are lots of open Wifi hotspots too these days like a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant and if you trust them there is nothing wrong in using the WiFi. Continue reading “WiFi Map Pro lets you find Closest WiFi Hotspots with their Passwords”

Copy Text from Websites that have Disabled Copying

We come across lot many websites that have blocked copying of texts, most of them being the bank websites. First of all let us know why they would want to disable copying? Well, there can be some reasons like the website is showcasing something that is the owner’s property like a code or something or it may be that for your security, and added protection they want you to enter some data again rather than copying and pasting it.

Whatever may be the reason, copying some information helps the users a lot and if done in legal and non-harmful ways, we can still copy data off a website and save with us. Continue reading “Copy Text from Websites that have Disabled Copying”

Check Username Availability on different Social Websites in a Click

With lots of social websites today, and lot many coming up every now and then, we need a username for ourselves. For all those like me, who actually wants their username to be same on all the social websites (easier to remember) it might be little difficult to find out what all domains are already taken or not.

Username today are nothing less than a depleting identity and we end up finding that the username we want to have, is already taken thereby wasting our time on checking its availability. How about if we provide you with a way to check most of the social websites today for your username and see if it’s available or not, in just a click? Sounds pretty cool, right? Continue reading “Check Username Availability on different Social Websites in a Click”

How to Disable Candy Crush Saga Notifications in Facebook in 3 Simple Steps

Candy Crush Saga has been so much popular these days that all the game lovers have tried it one or the other time. I am myself, a gamer too but there are times when I don’t feel like gaming and neither being notified about it. It won’t be wrong to say that Candy Crush has been gaining popularity a lot these days.

Candy Crush has one such thing that the players need to invite their friends to play this game in order to gain some lives in this game, which is the reason why we all are getting the repeated notifications from our friends. This notification is so irritating that I feel like blocking my friend lol. Continue reading “How to Disable Candy Crush Saga Notifications in Facebook in 3 Simple Steps”

Block Browser Annoyances in Chrome with Do Not Disturb

We all love to surf internet but not with several annoyances that we see every day on most websites. Annoyances like pop-ups, pop-unders, and screen overlays like the one asking you to subscribe, or others like video ads etc. While some websites display these with purpose, others don’t but ultimately it affects and degrades the user experience.

In short, no one likes this kind of annoyances but there is nothing much you could do without using any third party tool. Well, if you are using Chrome as your browser, then you can skip these things with the help of some browser extensions. There might be several extensions for this purpose, but here is one called as Do Not Disturb! Continue reading “Block Browser Annoyances in Chrome with Do Not Disturb”

Yahoo Email to Switch to Basic Email on Old Browser Versions

Yahoo Email is one of the old email services today and is also reliable with its service. While most people like using Gmail for the email service, I like using Yahoo as my email service provider, maybe because I am used to it now or maybe I like the design. If you are someone who also likes using the Yahoo email service, then this news should interests you.

Last week Yahoo announced that for the new and the latest version of the email service to keep operating as usual, users need to update their web browsers to their latest versions by June 5 otherwise the email service will shift into its basic mode. This means people will not be able to use the Yahoo spell checker and the chat feature as present in the new email service, if they do not update the browser. Continue reading “Yahoo Email to Switch to Basic Email on Old Browser Versions”