Steps to Block Websites

There are various reasons why you may need to block certain websites. One could be that you are a parent and want to block sites that you do not want your child to visit or may be that you want to block some spamming sites or it is just that you wish to block certain sites like Orkut, Facebook etc.

This can be done easily without purchasing any expensive software and free of costs with just updating the Windows Hosts file. Hosts file is the file that keeps information about a node on a computer network.


1.    Open Command Prompt by typing Continue reading “Steps to Block Websites”

Clear Google search history from the browser

Let me guess, you have searched something in Google that you wish to hide from the other users of the system or is it that you just want to add to your privacy?

So don’t get embarrass any more if the auto complete option pops up with some old words you searched for.

Here are the ways how you can clear the search history:

1.    The best and easiest way is that just move the mouse over the old entries and press Continue reading “Clear Google search history from the browser”

View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps

Orkut is the famous online social networking site and is liked by almost every one of us. Orkut is a feature to interact with other peoples in the world by Google. But Orkut have added a feature to restrict viewing of our personal photo album and scrapbook from public viewing.

Now since the world is full of hackers and crackers looking for things like these, they had managed to find a way to view the albums and scrapbook earlier and the trick was working absolutely fine few months back. But when the Orkut people came Continue reading “View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps”

Find Invisible friends in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is the most common and liked messenger by us and we can easily choose our status to either Online or Invisible. It gives us the option of hiding from our buddies and tracking them was very difficult. But now we can easily check whether the person is really offline or just hiding his ass from us.

There may be many ways but what I found the best is to use some sites that offer this service of tracking our Yahoo buddies. Continue reading “Find Invisible friends in Yahoo Messenger”

Find if someone has Blocked you in Gtalk

Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger are quite popular these days for chatting and it often happens that we may end up disturbing one of our friends who will be forced to block us. If you want to know “How to unblock a friend in Gtalk” then read this post of mine.

Checking if someone has blocked us in Gtalk or not is easy and this can be done by using a utility known as Pidgin. Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. It works with hell lot of applications Continue reading “Find if someone has Blocked you in Gtalk”

Access Blocked Meebo, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger with Meebo Repeater

Everyone like chatting and the chat applications like Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk short for Google Talk are quite famous. These days many of us face the problem of Blocked Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and even Meebo at our schools, colleges and offices.

Meebo is a good option to access AIM, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk and MSN chat applications. Meebo is a web based instant messenger client that allows us to login to our Aim, Yahoo, MSN or Google instant messenger accounts Continue reading “Access Blocked Meebo, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger with Meebo Repeater”

Access Blocked Sites

Whether you are a college student, office personnel or anything, if sites like Orkut, Gmail, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook or any other similar site is blocked then you can try following few tips (I am sure one of the tips will come useful for you depending upon the level of which the site is blocked).

The sites are blocked either by their names or by their content. Sites blocked by names are easy to open while those blocked by content are quite difficult to crack.

Here are the tips:

1.    This is the basic step, try suffixing ‘s’ after http: to make it ‘https:’. This will establish a secured connection though images will not be displayed in this but it’s good for viewing textual content.

2.    If the above step fails, try few proxy sites like, and other similar sites. What these sites do is they hide our IP from the server and enables us to access internet on our system. Even they didn’t let the server Continue reading “Access Blocked Sites”

Create your own Virus

Is your computer completely virus free? If it is then you have really done a great job in maintaining it. So many different viruses have been produced over the years that even it is difficult for the Anti Viruses to detect and delete it.

There are many different kinds of viruses some self replicating and some not. Well, if you also like to create your own virus, you can easily do so. I am providing you with a C/C++ code implementing which you can take revenge from your enemy, play prank on your friends or just let it free among the other viruses in the world. And yes it will not harm you.

This is the code to create your own virus:

FILE *virus,*host;
int done,a=0;
unsigned long x; Continue reading “Create your own Virus”

Blocked Contact in GTalk?

So you have blocked a contact in GTalk and didn’t know how to unblock it. Yes, it may sound strange but let’s face it, unblocking a contact in GTalk is not that easy if you are using Gmail to access GTalk.I could tell you that with my experience:

Someday i was busy with my work and inspite of showing a red icon i was pinged by a friend of mine. I asked him not to disturb that time, but he left me with no other option but to Block him. Could you believe, the Gmail had removed the contact from my friends list and left me guessing what to do then.

The problem can be fixed in two ways:

  1. If you are using Continue reading “Blocked Contact in GTalk?”