Stop or Hide Game Updates from Friends on Facebook Feed

After the Candy Crush notifications, I am now frustrated at my buddies filling my news feed with their game updates. Seeing their game updates again and again on my news feed is kind of irritating and was wondering if there is some way to turn it off. Well, I just came across one and thought to share with you so that you can disable them too. (If you are still struggling to disable the Candy Crush or similar notifications, here is the procedure to disable them). Continue reading “Stop or Hide Game Updates from Friends on Facebook Feed”

Steps to Clear Recent Searches in Facebook

Saving Searches as a history helps as you might need to visit that information again allowing you to see the search you did some time ago. Whether it’s Google or any other place like Facebook, searches are saved in history for your convenience. Not to forget, the reason why some websites save our searches is that by default they have an option enabled to save it.

Some time, search history can be little embarrassing (how?). Consider a situation where a husband try to search for his new office colleague (who is a girl) and his wife finds that he is looking for some girls on facebook. This situation can go worse if the wife is little jealous types. Also, it’s good to clear your searches from time to time. So how do we do that? Continue reading “Steps to Clear Recent Searches in Facebook”

How to Download or Save Facebook Videos Instantly

Apart from reading stories of my friends and seeing their relationship status change from one state to another on Facebook, I also enjoy watching some videos that people share mostly kind of educational or entertainment ones. Sometimes the videos worth viewing again, and I feel that I should may be download it on my system.

If you think, you might also need to download the video and keep it with you then this post will be really helpful to you. Although there is no brainer in downloading a video from internet when we have lot many downloading websites or tools available, however the reason I am writing this post is to let you know the easiest way for the same. Continue reading “How to Download or Save Facebook Videos Instantly”

How to Turn Off Facebook Birthday Notifications

If you are on Facebook, then I am sure you know what this post is going to be all about. Being on Facebook means you are connected to lot of friends and the chances are you are getting one birthday notification daily informing you that either one or many of your friends have birthday today.

Well, receiving notifications for birthdays doesn’t hurt but what if you are a dormant user who doesn’t use Facebook (only uses to see the stories) or don’t take any action on the birthdays. Whatever be the case, I just wanted to tell you that it is actually possible to turn off the Birthday notifications however doing it is a choice which I leave on you. Continue reading “How to Turn Off Facebook Birthday Notifications”

How to Set Full Size Profile Pic on Facebook without Cropping

We all love changing our profile pictures on different social websites, and even on Whatsapp. Of course, we like it when someone likes and comments on our profile picture, don’t we? Over the time, Facebook had turned more into something like our life card where we have everything mentioned about us.

I also like to put a profile pic of me on my profile and being a photographer myself, I like to choose different crop size for me. One day, when I was trying to update my pic I found that Facebook had introduced this mandatory crop feature where we had to crop our photo before uploading it. Continue reading “How to Set Full Size Profile Pic on Facebook without Cropping”

How to Disable Candy Crush Saga Notifications in Facebook in 3 Simple Steps

Candy Crush Saga has been so much popular these days that all the game lovers have tried it one or the other time. I am myself, a gamer too but there are times when I don’t feel like gaming and neither being notified about it. It won’t be wrong to say that Candy Crush has been gaining popularity a lot these days.

Candy Crush has one such thing that the players need to invite their friends to play this game in order to gain some lives in this game, which is the reason why we all are getting the repeated notifications from our friends. This notification is so irritating that I feel like blocking my friend lol. Continue reading “How to Disable Candy Crush Saga Notifications in Facebook in 3 Simple Steps”

Facebook Favorite lets you Save any Facebook Post for Later in Chrome

For all the Facebook fans, who like spending their lot of time on Facebook, it can get real tiring to scan their news feed and imagine you have lots of friends, then you might miss some or other update from your friend. Although Facebook is constantly improving and providing new features but there is always a scope of improvement.

We have written about Dislike button earlier but today is something different that can actually save you time and never miss an update again. It’s called the Facebook Favorite button and what it does is, it allows you to mark any update on your wall as Favorite so that you can read it later and don’t have to scan the entire wall again to go and look for it. Continue reading “Facebook Favorite lets you Save any Facebook Post for Later in Chrome”

Post or Send Voice Messages and Audio Comments on Facebook

I like spending time on social websites as they help in getting the updates from my buddies and also enables me to keep in touch with people I would have lost contacts with, otherwise. We can post comments, upload pictures and do many things but there is one feature that Facebook is missing which I liked in WhatsApp. The ability to send voice notes.

However we can chat or comment in Facebook, but can’t send voice comments or messages by default. Well, here is a useful extension developed exactly for this purpose and if you use Chrome to access Facebook, then you are in luck. Continue reading “Post or Send Voice Messages and Audio Comments on Facebook”

Facebook to Retire its Email Service

I remember the day when Facebook launched its email service and linked it up with our Facebook profile. That was the day when I signed up for it and updated it on my Facebook profile page however that was the same day I checked it. Yeah, since then I have not used my Facebook email service.

Similarly there are lot many users who are not using this service, moreover some even don’t know that a service like this exists. So in case you are one of those few people who are using the email service, then soon you will have to switch back to your old and more used email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo. Continue reading “Facebook to Retire its Email Service”

Want to Edit your Facebook Look Back Video, Wait for Some Time

I am sure everyone’s news feed is flooded by the Look Back videos which Facebook released as a new feature couple of days back when it turned 10. It is a nice way to remind people of their old memories and thus making them emotional. Almost everyone in my friends list had shared their look back videos which I haven’t seen though lol. However I have seen my own look back video to see how it has been created for me (but have not shared on my profile).

There were some pics that I thought didn’t suit my story and thus would like to change with some better ones which fit the situation. As a whole I liked my video, but there is couple of instances where I would like to change or edit the video (had there been an option for that). I am sure there are many people like me who would like to do the same too. Continue reading “Want to Edit your Facebook Look Back Video, Wait for Some Time”