Block Facebook Annoyances and Ads with AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is one of the famous ad blocking software that has been found to block ads from most websites and also from Youtube. Although ads are important to people for two reasons, support the expenses and hard work of the site owner and also lets people know about the latest product in the market, but sometimes it feels very irritated to see ads almost everywhere. If the ad is keeping you waiting from viewing something like that on Youtube, then it feels really irritating.

Facebook is also not spared from ads, as this famous social portal has also started showing ads in their timelines and the sidebars. Since more and more people are using Facebook every day, it has become a good place to show ads. Well here is a way to block these annoyances from Facebook now. Continue reading “Block Facebook Annoyances and Ads with AdBlock Plus”

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings, Anyone can Search you now

Facebook is not only social website to check what’s happening with others and stay updated with your friends but you can also find your old friends whom you have not talked for a long time now. Facebook provides good way to search for “searchable” people. By searchable I mean those who had not changed their privacy setting to not allow their profile from appearing in the searches.

Facebook had also recently launched their new graph search which allowed users to find others easily based on their name, location, work and other things but still it didn’t apply to those who had opted out from appearing in the searches. I, myself, had found many people using the Facebook search and there were others whom I know but wasn’t able to find. Continue reading “Facebook Updates Privacy Settings, Anyone can Search you now”

Monitor how much Time you Spend on Facebook everyday

Let’s admit Facebook is now one of the most visited sites by us everyday, at least it is for me. I might not visit some website if I am busy but I make sure to visit Facebook everyday to see what’s happening. For some people it is nothing more than a time wasting activity and hence should be used minimally. Well, that’s up to you if you should visit it or not but here’s something that will actually help you to count and analyze how much time you actually spend on Facebook each day.

Here is a simple and free tool called as TimeRabbit which helps you monitor your daily Facebook activities for time and lets you know for how long you have used it today, yesterday, and since the time the tool had been there in your system. Using these stats you can analyze how often you visit Facebook and to see if you are actually using it more than you should or not. Continue reading “Monitor how much Time you Spend on Facebook everyday”

Find all the Friend Request you have Sent on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to add friends and create new ones. It also helps us in keeping in touch with all of our old buddies we knew at some point of time. Moreover it also lets us keep certain amount of distance from those we don’t know very well (with its privacy settings).

Yesterday when I was using Facebook, one of my friends added me and accepted my friend request. Although I have known this guy but I don’t even remember when did I send him the request. Actually the request was sent by me long back which he accepted yesterday. This made me to think, how many other friend request I have pending for people on Facebook. In other words, I wanted to check all the friend requests that I have sent to people but are still in Pending state. Continue reading “Find all the Friend Request you have Sent on Facebook”

Privy Chat for Facebook lets you Read Facebook Chat Messages without Seen Notification

Facebook Chat is one of the easy chat media these days among other stuffs like WhatsApp and Viber and with the FB messenger application; it makes it easier for us to communicate with everyone in our friends list without the need of exchanging phone numbers. Facebook had launched this feature of providing the Seen Notification in the chat messages to let people know who all have read your messages or who had not.

While this feature is of use to many people (as it acts like a read receipt in the emails), some people may actually don’t like this feature. There are times when I don’t wish to let my friend know that I had seen the message as it removes the pressure of replying at the same time and I can use my own time to compose a good reply. Continue reading “Privy Chat for Facebook lets you Read Facebook Chat Messages without Seen Notification”

Use Dislike, Middle Finger and Rocks Emoticons in Facebook Chat

Online communication is one of the easiest and best ways to keep in touch with someone and especially when you are far away or in different time zones. Since Facebook is one of the most used websites today, Facebook chat is the best option to chat with someone in your friend list. I also like to drop some messages to my buddies on FB Chat when I need to communicate with them.

Facebook Chat has also got some stickers and emoticons to help express our emotions well but it lacked the dislike, middle finger and rocks emoticon for quite some time now. These emoticons are also important as they help us in communicating and expressing our emotions well. While we were able to use the Facebook Like button emoticon using (Y), we missed the Dislike thumbs down emoticon. Continue reading “Use Dislike, Middle Finger and Rocks Emoticons in Facebook Chat”

Get Facebook Notifications on your Desktop even when Chrome is Closed

We all like Facebook, don’t we? For all those people who are always interested in checking their notifications and updates and tend to either login again or keep the Facebook running, here is some good tool. Since it is little irritating to login again and again or keep the browser running all time, here is a Chrome extension that will help you in checking the Facebook Notifications even if your browser is closed.

The extension is called as Fruum Notifier (only for Chrome) and currently monitors only Facebook but as per the developer it might get more services soon. So all you need to do to be able to monitor the Facebook notifications without even keeping the Chrome browser working, is to just install the extension, configure it to your Facebook account and enable the toggle button to ON. When this toggle button is set to ON, you can actually set if you wish to keep this extension working or not, the option for which can be accessed in Tools -> Extensions -> Fruumo Notifier -> Options. Continue reading “Get Facebook Notifications on your Desktop even when Chrome is Closed”

Download, Save and Convert Facebook Videos with AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader

I like to spend some time on Facebook daily not because I got some spare time lol, but because I feel it also helps you in increasing your knowledge base. There are so many videos that our friends share on Facebook each day, watching which helps in gaining an insight to their culture and other things. There are videos which I like to watch again and again, like those of motivational kinds but it is not possible for me to login again to see. Then a simple solution in that case would be to save the videos in our computer for viewing offline.

Videos can be of two types, either Youtube videos or Facebook Videos. While you can save Youtube videos with some Youtube video downloader, here is a simple tool that will help you in saving any Facebook video too. With the help of this tool called as “AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader”, you can easily download and save the video on your hard drive. Continue reading “Download, Save and Convert Facebook Videos with AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader”

Use Right Click Context Menu to Upload Photos on Facebook

I remember those days when I wanted to share some of my pics with my friends or relatives and had not much of options with me. I had to either email them or use some photo uploading sites like Webshots. However things have changed, and with almost everyone on Facebook toady we don’t have to think much of how to share the images. We can simply upload the photos to our profile and share with our buddies added in our list.

By the way, how do you upload a pic to Facebook? I guess, you login to Facebook first, go to your profile, select the album to upload and then browse the images to upload and lastly let Facebook resize your images before uploading, right? Well, for all you Facebookers, here is a simple and useful tool called as “Easy Facebook Photo Uploader for Facebook”. Continue reading “Use Right Click Context Menu to Upload Photos on Facebook”

Facebook launches Verified Pages and Profiles for Celebs

Everyone likes to stay connected so whether we are the common public or high profile celebs. Today we can see many of our stars and celebs on social media like Twitter and Facebook, find the actual profile of whom can be difficult as there are so many fake profiles of the celebs too. So wouldn’t it be great if there is some sort of authentication that helps the user to identify the original profile and page of a star?

Well, now you can add your favorite celeb or a business person or “like” its official page on Facebook too. Just like Twitter, Facebook has started rolling out this new feature which lets the profiles and pages celebs and other high profile users to be distinguished with a small blue colored tick mark. Continue reading “Facebook launches Verified Pages and Profiles for Celebs”

Facebook and Twitter App for Google Glass Launched

After the computers, mobile phones and tablets it is time to switch to Google Glass. This internet connected Glass looks very promising and has the potential to stay in future, this is why we are constantly seeing major companies launching their apps for the device. Recently Facebook and Twitter which are two famous social networking websites have officially launched their apps for the Google Glass which can be used with the Glass on.

So what does that mean? This simply means people wearing the Google Glass won’t have to switch to their computer or cell phone to be able to use Facebook. Built by Facebook, this app allows you to upload photos from Google Glass directly to your Facebook timeline. Moreover, you can also add an optional photo description, just by speaking it little loud and clear. Right now, users can’t tag people in photos from Glass, but they can tag the pictures after sharing them by going on a computer or mobile device. Continue reading “Facebook and Twitter App for Google Glass Launched”