Download Chit Chat for Facebook: Facebook Chat Messenger

If you like chatting a lot and if Facebook is the place where you spend your most of the time, then the Facebook chat messenger is especially for you.

Although Facebook already have a chat feature that enables us to chat within our contacts but most of us don’t like navigating to other pages while chatting. Thus we need a dedicated Facebook chat messenger that is easy to use. Continue reading “Download Chit Chat for Facebook: Facebook Chat Messenger”

Beware of the Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Malware

These days lots of malware have been found to target the brand name of Facebook and are fooling the users. The malwares namely Bredolab, Zbot and Adware are making the users to install banking password stealing malware and adware on their systems.

The message of the email claims to arrive from “The Facebook Team”, but in fact, the spam is spoofed and not from the team at all. The mail looks like as follows: Continue reading “Beware of the Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Malware”

Disable Gtalk Chat Integration for Specific Friends in Orkut

Users that have a common Gmail account for Gmail and Orkut have a great feature enabled by default. Orkut users can chat to their online buddies on Gtalk right from their Orkut Chat application just by enabling the Chat Integration between Orkut and Gtalk.

Whenever we accept a new friend request on Orkut, the friend gets listed in our Gtalk buddy list but what if you want to accept the request but do not want to chat with him in future? You can’t disable the integration as this would disable the chat with other friends also.

Here is a cool trick that I frequently use to chat with some specific friends on Orkut while not with everyone that joins my Friend’s list. Continue reading “Disable Gtalk Chat Integration for Specific Friends in Orkut”

Koobface Malware Attacks Facebook

Seeing the rising popularity of the social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook, it seems that the hackers have decided to attack these now.

We just came across about the malware attached in Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Movie available on net and now there is another instance of this kind of attack.

Facebook have been identified as the next target where the users are getting spam messages in which they are asked to click on a link that redirects to a Video sharing site looking exactly similar to Youtube (but it is not that) having bogus comments by the viewers. Continue reading “Koobface Malware Attacks Facebook”

Sites to Access Blocked Sites like Orkut, Facebook

Many of us can not use the social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Myspace at our office, school or college. The people with the admin rights usually block these sites in the backend but thanks to many online sites that enables us to use these sites without their notice.

There are many ways to access the blocked sites like Orkut but here are few popular online sites that allow us to bypass restricted sites at work, school or college, including unblocking sites like Orkut, MySpace, Bebo and Facebook. Continue reading “Sites to Access Blocked Sites like Orkut, Facebook”

Surf Orkut Anonymously

Want to see your friend’s profile or any other person’s profile on Orkut but do not want to get noticed? You can easily do that using the Privacy settings of Orkut.

During all those years of surfing Orkut, I found that we can surf the Orkut anonymously without becoming the other person’s profile visitor by turning our Profile Visitor option to “hide”. The big advantage of this setting (and actually why I am writing this post) is that it does not take time and starts instantly. Continue reading “Surf Orkut Anonymously”

Solution to Save Images disabled by Right Click

These days, webmasters have started using some JavaScript to protect the images from saving down to computer by just right clicking on it and selecting the option of “Save Image as”. Yes I do feel this is necessary for some added privacy and security but it is also irritating if we want to save some legal picture or if we are authorized to do it.

This feature is used by many online forums and social networking site like Orkut is the latest example of this. There are many methods available to solve this problem and save the image like: Continue reading “Solution to Save Images disabled by Right Click”

Solve the Javascript:void(0); error problem

Some of our readers were facing this problem that sometimes when they try to click a link they see a javascript:void(0); code on the status bar of the browser and the link doesn’t work. We all must have faced this problem someday or the other as it is very common these days.

This problem is most common on Orkut and can be often seen when we try to scrap our friends and when we hovers our mouse over the “Post Scrap” button, this message comes on the Continue reading “Solve the Javascript:void(0); error problem”

View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps

Orkut is the famous online social networking site and is liked by almost every one of us. Orkut is a feature to interact with other peoples in the world by Google. But Orkut have added a feature to restrict viewing of our personal photo album and scrapbook from public viewing.

Now since the world is full of hackers and crackers looking for things like these, they had managed to find a way to view the albums and scrapbook earlier and the trick was working absolutely fine few months back. But when the Orkut people came Continue reading “View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps”

Access Blocked Sites

Whether you are a college student, office personnel or anything, if sites like Orkut, Gmail, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook or any other similar site is blocked then you can try following few tips (I am sure one of the tips will come useful for you depending upon the level of which the site is blocked).

The sites are blocked either by their names or by their content. Sites blocked by names are easy to open while those blocked by content are quite difficult to crack.

Here are the tips:

1.    This is the basic step, try suffixing ‘s’ after http: to make it ‘https:’. This will establish a secured connection though images will not be displayed in this but it’s good for viewing textual content.

2.    If the above step fails, try few proxy sites like, and other similar sites. What these sites do is they hide our IP from the server and enables us to access internet on our system. Even they didn’t let the server Continue reading “Access Blocked Sites”