Are you Windows 10 Ready?

It’s about time that your most awaited Windows OS will be launched. After Windows 8.1, and skipping Windows 9 in between, next major release of Windows known as Windows 10 is going to be released tomorrow and interestingly for users running their computers on Windows 8.1, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade.

That’s correct, you heard it right. Free upgrade to all the Windows 8.1 users (of course, who want to) and please note that it is not a trial version. The upgrade is a full home version of the Windows 10, which is scheduled to go live on July 29, 2015. So for all those who registered for their free upgrade, the download will start automatically in the background whenever it is available for you. Continue reading “Are you Windows 10 Ready?”

Samsung Galaxy Phones Vulnerable to Security Flaw

If you have been using Samsung Galaxy phones or are a Samsung fan like me, then this news is probably not a good one for you. Security researchers have announced that Samsung Galaxy phones including the latest one S6 is vulnerable to attacks. Well, there is a chance, that yours is vulnerable too out of all the 600 million impacted phones worldwide.

As per the statement, what is making the phones unsecure is the keyboard app called as SwiftKey that comes pre-loaded in the phones. If this vulnerability can be successfully exploited, it can lead to attackers remotely accessing your device to spy through its camera or microphone, track your physical location via GPS, install malicious apps without you knowing, steal information and even eavesdrop on your messages and voice calls. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Phones Vulnerable to Security Flaw”

Tiny On Screen Keyboard for your Apple Watch?

With the inventions of smart watches, there have been endless opportunities for researchers and developers to develop apps and software for it. If you thought smart watches like Apple Watch is too small to fit in a keyboard, we have some researchers thinking otherwise.

The researchers from Universitat Politècnica de València and the University of Stuttgart, have developed a tiny on-screen keyboard for the smart watches that can be used easily and should not be too bad to use. Some would say, it is best to have the interactive voice technology in the watch, so that you don’t have to type, just talk but still it’s not terrible to have the keyboard in the watch too. Continue reading “Tiny On Screen Keyboard for your Apple Watch?”

Yahoo Email to Switch to Basic Email on Old Browser Versions

Yahoo Email is one of the old email services today and is also reliable with its service. While most people like using Gmail for the email service, I like using Yahoo as my email service provider, maybe because I am used to it now or maybe I like the design. If you are someone who also likes using the Yahoo email service, then this news should interests you.

Last week Yahoo announced that for the new and the latest version of the email service to keep operating as usual, users need to update their web browsers to their latest versions by June 5 otherwise the email service will shift into its basic mode. This means people will not be able to use the Yahoo spell checker and the chat feature as present in the new email service, if they do not update the browser. Continue reading “Yahoo Email to Switch to Basic Email on Old Browser Versions”

Facebook to Retire its Email Service

I remember the day when Facebook launched its email service and linked it up with our Facebook profile. That was the day when I signed up for it and updated it on my Facebook profile page however that was the same day I checked it. Yeah, since then I have not used my Facebook email service.

Similarly there are lot many users who are not using this service, moreover some even don’t know that a service like this exists. So in case you are one of those few people who are using the email service, then soon you will have to switch back to your old and more used email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo. Continue reading “Facebook to Retire its Email Service”

Rakuten announces the acquisition of Viber for $900 million

One of our most used messaging apps today is the Viber which is not only used to text our loved and dear ones across the countries but also used to place free calls over Internet (either data connection or the over the WiFi). I also like Viber myself as it allows me to call my family back in India, and talk for free just by using my phone’s data connection.

Since its birth in 2010, Viber has gained rapid popularity amongst the users and this is why it is operating in like 193 countries while having around 300 million users. The service was founded by Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco. Continue reading “Rakuten announces the acquisition of Viber for $900 million”

Facebook to Officially Launch Graph Search for Mobile

Facebook is the most used social website today and you can find most of your friends on it too. So whether it is your lost old friend or someone who just met last night, chances are you can find them on Facebook. This is where Facebook Search comes pretty handy and if you remember Facebook had rolled out its Graph Search not so long ago.

The advantage that Graph Search has over usual search is that it makes it easy to search someone by suggesting the keywords like that of location, work and others. I like the Facebook Search feature a lot as I have been able to find most people using the Search (only those with some uncommon names as there are lots of people with common names). Continue reading “Facebook to Officially Launch Graph Search for Mobile”

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings, Anyone can Search you now

Facebook is not only social website to check what’s happening with others and stay updated with your friends but you can also find your old friends whom you have not talked for a long time now. Facebook provides good way to search for “searchable” people. By searchable I mean those who had not changed their privacy setting to not allow their profile from appearing in the searches.

Facebook had also recently launched their new graph search which allowed users to find others easily based on their name, location, work and other things but still it didn’t apply to those who had opted out from appearing in the searches. I, myself, had found many people using the Facebook search and there were others whom I know but wasn’t able to find. Continue reading “Facebook Updates Privacy Settings, Anyone can Search you now”

Yahoo Shuts Down its Email Service in China

Yahoo is one of the famous and most used email services company globally. In fact, Gmail and Yahoo mail are the two majorly used email services today. But this service would not be available to use in China starting yesterday.

Yes, after a formal announcement made in April by Yahoo, it had finally shut down its email service in China. Yahoo announced its service closure in April thereby giving the users around four months time to migrate their data and emails to any alternate email service available. Continue reading “Yahoo Shuts Down its Email Service in China”

WhatsApp Messenger to Charge Annual Subscription with new Update

With growing constraints and charges in sending a text message to someone, we are seeing more and more apps that allow us to send text messages worldwide but nothing beats the most popular text (also pictures, videos, and location) messaging service called as WhatsApp. I have been using WhatsApp for quite some time now and what I liked the most about it is that it is completely free to install, to use and to send messages to anywhere in the world.

WhatsApp is lot popular as messenger service that almost everyone I know is using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also an ad free service which adds to its popularity. Well I feel that being simple to use and being a free app is the sole reason for its growing consumer base, however you might know that it was not free for a limited time sometime ago. Continue reading “WhatsApp Messenger to Charge Annual Subscription with new Update”

Microsoft Mouse with Windows Start Button available for Windows 8

I switched to Windows 8 when I got a new laptop last year on Thanksgiving, and since them I am using it daily. It was my first experience with Windows 8 and I must say I like it so far, there is no feature in Windows 8 that I don’t like, however I have come across some people who don’t like Win 8 and most of all complain about the missing Start button. This has never been a problem to me, but in case you don’t like it then Microsoft had released (a couple months ago actually) a pair of computer mice with the button incorporated.

The first one is called as Sculpt Comfort Mouse and as you can see in the image below, it has a Windows Start button attached to it on left (sadly left handed person would not be able to use it). Continue reading “Microsoft Mouse with Windows Start Button available for Windows 8”

Send and Receive Video Messages on Skype with Skype Video Messaging

Today there are lots of options of video chatting with someone like FaceTime and Skype and these have become very important in people’s lives. All they have to do is just pick their phone, run the app and select the contact to video chat with. You can also send video SMS (called MMS) too to anyone in your contact list. Skype is one of the best video chat service used today.

But a simple problem here can be what if the other person is not available to chat when you really have something to show him? Yes there can be times when your buddy is offline and you really want him to show something. Skype can help you connect with the special people in your life, even when your schedules conflict Continue reading “Send and Receive Video Messages on Skype with Skype Video Messaging”