Here Comes A New Challenger: Facebook Notes To Face-Off Against Tumblr

Tumblr is growing and becoming more powerful as an influence in online social media. The popular “artist blogging” platform has become the home of some powerful circles of artisans (musicians, writers, painters, photographers, travelers, actors, and more). It has also become the home of hundred-thousand-strong fandoms, big enough to influence online polls, trends, and movements about vital issues in society.

The unique, highly-charged, and highly-creative environment that is Tumblr is still growing, and this is probably why Yahoo had scooped it up in the first place. With the combined forces of Yahoo and Tumblr, even more development is expected on the site, perhaps in terms of interface or spread of influence. Continue reading “Here Comes A New Challenger: Facebook Notes To Face-Off Against Tumblr”

Facebook launches Verified Pages and Profiles for Celebs

Everyone likes to stay connected so whether we are the common public or high profile celebs. Today we can see many of our stars and celebs on social media like Twitter and Facebook, find the actual profile of whom can be difficult as there are so many fake profiles of the celebs too. So wouldn’t it be great if there is some sort of authentication that helps the user to identify the original profile and page of a star?

Well, now you can add your favorite celeb or a business person or “like” its official page on Facebook too. Just like Twitter, Facebook has started rolling out this new feature which lets the profiles and pages celebs and other high profile users to be distinguished with a small blue colored tick mark. Continue reading “Facebook launches Verified Pages and Profiles for Celebs”

Google Launches Conversational Search on New Chrome Browser

If you are some kind of person who likes to sit back and relax then this news would definitely interest you. With the latest version of Chrome released this week, Google had also launched a new search feature called as “Conversational Search”. If you have already updated to the new Chrome browser then you can start using the search right away.

As shown in the screenshot below you can see there is a small microphone icon in the search field, clicking on which will initiate your conversational search. The icon has been here for quite some time now but earlier it was only a “Voice Search” and not the conversational search. There is a difference between the two as voice search lets you speak to search while Google display the results in text, on the other side, Conversational Search lets you speak to Google and the results are not only displayed but Google also speaks them back for you, as if you are chatting. Continue reading “Google Launches Conversational Search on New Chrome Browser”

Flickr now Offers 1TB Free Memory Space for your Personal Photos

This would interest all the photo enthusiasts out there and also others who were looking for some online space to save their photos and also to display their work to the world. Flickr has been one of the famous online services to store and display photos but recently users have started facing the low memory space provided.

A day ago, it came as good news to everyone when Flickr announced that it is now offering 1 Terabyte of free memory space to all the users which mean they now have lots and lots of space to store their photos and videos online in their Flickr account. Lets see what Flickr has to say Continue reading “Flickr now Offers 1TB Free Memory Space for your Personal Photos”

Facebook and Twitter App for Google Glass Launched

After the computers, mobile phones and tablets it is time to switch to Google Glass. This internet connected Glass looks very promising and has the potential to stay in future, this is why we are constantly seeing major companies launching their apps for the device. Recently Facebook and Twitter which are two famous social networking websites have officially launched their apps for the Google Glass which can be used with the Glass on.

So what does that mean? This simply means people wearing the Google Glass won’t have to switch to their computer or cell phone to be able to use Facebook. Built by Facebook, this app allows you to upload photos from Google Glass directly to your Facebook timeline. Moreover, you can also add an optional photo description, just by speaking it little loud and clear. Right now, users can’t tag people in photos from Glass, but they can tag the pictures after sharing them by going on a computer or mobile device. Continue reading “Facebook and Twitter App for Google Glass Launched”

New Browser Extension Trojan Hijacking Facebook Profiles

Facebook is so much popular as a social website that every now and then I come across some news of a new Trojan spreading on FB. I am sure you must have seen some posts by your friends on Facebook sharing some malicious link with some video on their wall someday and the next day claiming that it was some virus, do not click on them. So where do you think this virus came from? There can be many reasons for this malicious activity on facebook, and one such activity is described here.

Recently Microsoft warned all the Facebook users about a new browser extension Trojan that is spreading on Facebook and hijacking the profiles. This Trojan is called Trojan:JS/Febipos.A and was first discovered in Brazil but the rate at which it is spreading, we are sure it will include the other areas of the world soon. Continue reading “New Browser Extension Trojan Hijacking Facebook Profiles”

Keyboard that pops out while Typing on Flat Touch Screens

From physical keypad phones to touch screens, the world has seen a major change in typing. While the earlier phones used to have physical buttons on the keypad for typing, the touch screen devices started having virtual keypad and virtual buttons which are to be pressed on the screen.

What would your reaction be, if I say you can still feel the physical buttons on your touch screen device while typing? Not sure about you, but I would be pretty surprised. Well sooner, you would be seeing touch screen devices that will have keypad that pops out automatically when you need to type and disappears when you are done. You would be able to touch and feel these buttons too. Continue reading “Keyboard that pops out while Typing on Flat Touch Screens”

WebP: A New Image Format that Reduces Image Size

When it comes to online world, speed is very important. Nobody likes if a website takes lot of time to load its contents and if the page is full of images then the time taken to load all of them would also be high. Thus if you are a webmaster, then you definitely need to find out some compression methods that can reduce the size of the images being uploaded.

Recently, Google has come up with this new image format called WebP which is an image format that provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size as compared to PNGs whereas WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller in size as compared to JPEG images. Continue reading “WebP: A New Image Format that Reduces Image Size”

Instagram Apologizes by saying it won’t Sell Photos

Yesterday we came to know about the changes that Instagram is going to make in its policies which will come effective starting 16th Jan 2013. After reading the Privacy Policy, it came as hot news that Instagram has decided to sell user photos to advertising agencies without their consent and even without any compensation.

This has made the users upset as Instagram was one of the most liked service and is integrated to Facebook. Today to clarify all this confusion, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom mentioned in his blog post that it was all about the misleading and confusing language and Instagram is sorry for that. Continue reading “Instagram Apologizes by saying it won’t Sell Photos”

Gmail goes Down for some time Today

When it comes to email, Gmail is the leading email service provider today. Powered by Google, gmail also known as Google Mail, is used for its simplicity and trustworthiness.

But since Google also depends on electronic servers it would be wrong to say that it can’t go down. Today morning (that is around 2 hrs earlier from this post), Gmail was reported down for both consumers and enterprise users making use of google servers. Continue reading “Gmail goes Down for some time Today”

Windows 8 overtakes Win 7 sale, No Anonymous Android app reviews, Youtube captions in 6 more languages

With some organization overtaking another, launching some service or etc, there is lot of tech news around the globe that you should be aware of. For all those who are not updated with the daily tech happenings, here is a bundle pack of couple of important tech news that will keep you updated.

1. Microsoft Sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses to date

After the launch of the latest OS from Microsoft known as Windows 8 on Oct 26, we have seen mixed reviews of the product. While most people still like the Windows 7 OS, figures (as stated by MS) states that MS had sold around 40 million licenses of Win 8 to date that too in a month, whereas MS achieved the figure of 60 million Win 7 licenses in two months. Continue reading “Windows 8 overtakes Win 7 sale, No Anonymous Android app reviews, Youtube captions in 6 more languages”