What is Smishing and how to stay protected?

In the continuation of the articles on phishing scams here is another one that explains what is SMiShing and what you can do to stay protected. This is another type of phishing attack that is common now days and also the preferred use of fooling people.

What is Smishing?

Smishing is a form of phishing attack, combination of SMS and phishing as the mode of fraud is the Short Messaging Service (SMS) in this case. Also known as SMS Phishing (SMiShing) is the social engineering scam which the attackers use to attract the users. Continue reading “What is Smishing and how to stay protected?”

What is Vishing and how to stay protected?

Vishing, is also one of the types of Phishing attacks made using the practice of social engineering over the telephone system. Vishing, too follows the same principle of fooling people and gaining their important details like PIN and bank information.

Vishing is the combination of the terms “Voice” and “Phishing” as it incorporates the use of voice for phishing people. Continue reading “What is Vishing and how to stay protected?”

What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?

You must have heard of many computer infections like malware, adware etc but ever heard what’s a Rogueware is? Yes, computer world have got this new type of malicious infection lately.

What is a Rogueware?
Rogueware, also known as Rogue security software is a new type of internet fraud that fools the users to buy some tool that helps in malicious code removal but in fact spreads more of it. The infection works in the similar way of fooling people and stealing them of their money. Continue reading “What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?”

Restore Malware Infected Computer with Microsoft System Sweeper

If your system has been hit by any of the malware around and you are unable to remove it from your machine or even are unable to start your system then here is an interesting and useful tool to your rescue. The tool is actually a recovery tool which can be installed on a USB or burn into a CD for booting.

The tool is recently launched by Microsoft and thus is in a Beta stage. The tool is called System Sweeper and has been designed such that users are able to use this tool to start an infected PC and perform offline malware scans including the rootkits. The tool works great for occasions when the malware prohibits users to install any software in the system. This is what a recovery tool you will need in this case. Continue reading “Restore Malware Infected Computer with Microsoft System Sweeper”

Scan Suspicious Files with NoVirusThanks

It may be that you are working on a system having no AntiVirus installed, if it is the case or is it that you just want to scan certain file with more than one AntiVirus, then you can use this online file scanner utility called NoVirusThanks.

NoVirusThanks works similar to the famous Virus Total online scanner. Both the services help in scanning a file with around or more than 20 different AntiViruses. To be able to use NoVirusThanks, you can either use the normal browser uploader on the website or use this NoVirusThanks Uploader. Continue reading “Scan Suspicious Files with NoVirusThanks”

Solution to lsass.exe System Error

This was the error message faced by one of our readers that immediately after the system boot up, there popped an error message reading “lsass.exe System Error” with an OK button clicking on which shuts down the system. The system restarts again with the same error message.

Cause of the problem:
There can be 2 reasons for the problem, either virus infection or the registry corruption. Continue reading “Solution to lsass.exe System Error”

Protect against I Love.exe You Virus

There are lot of virus infecting the computer and thereby reducing the privacy of the users. We already have an instance of I Love You.exe virus earlier but this year on 14th Feb that is on Valentine’s day, there came an another instance of the virus named I Love.exe You virus.

The malware asks the users to click on some links, which on clicking installs Trojans in the system. When you run it, nothing visible happens, but it has installed itself in your computer. What for? Well, this is a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) that will give access to your computer and all your personal Continue reading “Protect against I Love.exe You Virus”

First Computer Virus and First Antivirus?

Ever wondered in this age of computer viruses which was the first Windows computer virus? There are so many computer viruses today that combating them is not at all possible without the use of a good Antivirus.

Here is an interesting share (via thewindowsclub) that discusses the world’s first Windows virus and antivirus. To the surprise of most of you, the first computer virus was known as Brain Virus and was reported to be created in Pakistan in 1986. Brain was a boot sector virus and only infected 360k floppy disks. Continue reading “First Computer Virus and First Antivirus?”

Steps to Remove Chrome.exe Virus

One of our readers was facing the issues in his system due to this virus called Chrome.exe. Although it usually is a setup file that is used to install Chrome browser but this can be a virus file if found in other locations than expected.

How Chrome.exe virus affects

The worm is found to spread itself through online messengers and internet. It also emails some link to all the people in the contact list asking to click on the link thereby downloading the worm.

It also downloads other malware and it will also attempt to propagate via the means of creating copies of itself onto removable devices such as USB flash and hard drives. Continue reading “Steps to Remove Chrome.exe Virus”

[Solved] Files Missing from Pen Drive Problem

I have been receiving this problem from many of our readers that I thought it is better to have a separate post to solve the issue. This is a common issue in which our data files gets missing from our USB drives or the hard disks because of the virus attack.

Symptoms of the Problem:

You had all your data files in the pen drive but when now you connect it to the computer, you find that all the data have been missing from the drive but weird thing about is that when you right click on the drive to see the space utilization, you find that the drive is still showing the space used. Continue reading “[Solved] Files Missing from Pen Drive Problem”

Delete Registry Keys Locked by Malware

If you have been using Windows for some time now then you must have known that malware attack places several registry keys in the system which affects the normal working of the system. Most of these keys are locked by the malware and is very difficult to remove from the system registry.

To overcome this type of problem, makers of the famous tool Malwarebytes Anti Malware, have come with a tool called RegASSASSIN. The tool is specially designed to remove and delete the illegitimate keys installed by the malware in the registry settings. Continue reading “Delete Registry Keys Locked by Malware”