Speed Up your Slow PC

Are you tired up of your old and slow computer and wish to make your system turn into a new one? Working on a new system is fun. We all wish to turn our system into something that we purchased few years back.

The new PC is quite fast and efficient to work with but with the passage of time it tends to get slower (luckily mine is working all fine). So if you are facing this common problem then have a look at the possible solutions to make your PC fast.

1.    RAM
This is the first thing that you should check, these days several heavy applications are built up so you need to have considerable amount of memory to handle these. These days, I prefer one should go for 2GB RAM.

2.    Get rid of files that are not used
Uninstall all the programs that are there in your system occupying space but are almost never used by you. This will not only free your space but will also clear the waste.

3.    Clean up your system
Delete all the temporary files and similar files. Go to Continue reading “Speed Up your Slow PC”

Detect and Delete Keyloggers

These days we would hardly find a completely safe system with the discovery of new and new viruses, Trojans, keyloggers etc. Did I say Keyloggers? Yes, well the fact is Keyloggers are as much harmful as the viruses and Trojans are.

What are Keyloggers?

A Keylogger is an application that is made to record the keystrokes and store them in some file for later retrieval. Keylogger is completely hidden and keep on running in the background without any notification. They are a form of spyware and stores the keystrokes in a file in some Continue reading “Detect and Delete Keyloggers”

Create your own Virus

Is your computer completely virus free? If it is then you have really done a great job in maintaining it. So many different viruses have been produced over the years that even it is difficult for the Anti Viruses to detect and delete it.

There are many different kinds of viruses some self replicating and some not. Well, if you also like to create your own virus, you can easily do so. I am providing you with a C/C++ code implementing which you can take revenge from your enemy, play prank on your friends or just let it free among the other viruses in the world. And yes it will not harm you.

This is the code to create your own virus:

FILE *virus,*host;
int done,a=0;
unsigned long x; Continue reading “Create your own Virus”

Double Click on Drive does not open

We all have experienced someday or the other, this problem of Windows XP in which when we double click on the drive it does not open or some dialog box opens up but not the drive. Yes, you know it right; the problem is caused by some virus activity and if you don’t know

how to open this, here is the fix (just make sure that the virus has been removed, else the problem will persist):

When the problem happens, it means that there is a file named “Autorun.inf” in the root drive, but you will not be able to view it as it is a system file. This file is rarely caught by the anti virus. This file makes sure to run the virus and infect your system. This is the file which is responsible to run Continue reading “Double Click on Drive does not open”