Get old XP Style Network Icons back in Windows 7 with Network Activity Indicator

Windows 7 is one of the most liked Windows OS today and people do like the experience of working in it. With Windows 7, many changes were made to provide people with all new experience; one of them was the Network Icon of two small computers indicating about the network activity on your machine.

So being a Windows 7 user if you miss the old style network icons in your machine which have actually been replaced by a new icon, then here is a small free utility called as Network Activity Indicator. Using this utility you can get back the icons and some added features as mentioned below. Continue reading “Get old XP Style Network Icons back in Windows 7 with Network Activity Indicator”

Solution to OS Loader Missing Problem in Windows

Recently, one of our readers came across this problem in his laptop after due to power failure his laptop crashed suddenly. Now he is unable to load his computer as he every time he boots up he come across this message “Windows Checking for Errors” which displays the “OS Loader Missing” message. If you guys are also facing this issue on your Windows computer, then we have a solution for that.

Now as the message says, it is a clear case of missing or corrupt OS loader file in the Windows hive. To be able to solve this issue you don’t need to format the computer and re-install Windows, however you just need to replace the corrupt file from the genuine Windows disk. Continue reading “Solution to OS Loader Missing Problem in Windows”

Uninstall Windows from Computer having Multiple Instances

If you have been using Windows for some time then probably you must have seen some or the other computer having multiple instances of Windows installed. It is sometimes important to have more than one copy of Windows installed in the computer, may be check the hardware of your machine or just to use the other OS.

But uninstalling one of these is not very easy and especially if you are not geeky enough, then you would find it difficult to delete one of the copies of the Windows OS. As we need to update the Boot loader also so that it doesn’t show the OS listings the next time you boot. Continue reading “Uninstall Windows from Computer having Multiple Instances”

4 Free Blu-Ray Burning Software for Windows 7

Saving data in the Discs is the best way of keeping it safe from hard disk crashes and other unexpected system events. With the advent of Blu-ray discs and the technology behind, more and more people have started using the Blu Ray discs. Moreover it is the advantage that Blu ray provides (like the high storage, and super video quality) that have caught the attention of the users.

But to my surprise I didn’t come across any default disc burner in Windows 7 that can burn Blu-Ray discs. Even if your system is equipped with the Blu ray disc burner, it is not necessary that your system will have the right tools to burn it. Continue reading “4 Free Blu-Ray Burning Software for Windows 7”

Download High Definition Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7

Microsoft’s latest OS release called Windows 8 is available through different official channels and if you are one of those who like Windows 8 much, then am sure you are going to love this new theme too.  New themes and wallpapers always look better on screen as they tend to make you feel good and help you in relaxing.

7tutorials have released one Windows 8 Inspired Theme which is a combination of three themes which you can use on your Windows 7 OS. Using this Windows 8 Inspired Theme you can get the feeling of working on Windows 8, right on your Windows 7 system. Continue reading “Download High Definition Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7”

Feature Rich Screenshot Capture Tool for Windows 7 and 8

Time and again we need to take the screenshot of the screen in front of us. Whether it is for some proof, or just downloading some image that do not have any download link, screenshot capture tool comes to rescue. Although by default Windows have a screenshot capture wizard known as Windows Snipping Tool but it is quite plain and don’t have much photo editing features.

If you are some kind of person who needs to take the screenshots again and again then here is some tool that will interest you. This tool is called Free Screenshot Capture and as the name suggests, the tool is free to use. What makes this tool different from others is that it is very easy to use yet powerful utility which has been found to work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Continue reading “Feature Rich Screenshot Capture Tool for Windows 7 and 8”

Block Programs accessing Internet with Firewall App Blocker

One of the great features that Windows have is the Firewall which helps us in not only blocking the functionalities of the programs but also prevent them from connecting to the internet. This helps us in many ways as preventing a program from connecting to internet helps in saving internet data, helps in securing the system, preventing the program to download some unwanted stuffs and other things.

Any user can make use of the default Windows Firewall and block any program but the process of doing this is not that easy. It involves some complex steps like visiting the Control panel, opening up System Security and adding the program as an exception. Although you may find this process simple but it can’t get simpler than just dragging and dropping the tool to enable all the restrictions. Continue reading “Block Programs accessing Internet with Firewall App Blocker”

[Solved] Fix Windows is Not Genuine Message in Windows 7

We know how it feels when you are prompted by this “Windows is not Genuine” message every time you boot up your system. Though Windows is easily available today, not everyone wish to pay for this and thus uses the pirated copy of Windows OS.

Note: We do not encourage piracy and advise our viewers to use genuine software only.

Earlier we have also written about the “Windows Software Counterfeiting” problem and posted the solution using the RemoveWGA tool, which you can read here. “Windows is not genuine”, is a different problem than this and thus here is the solution below. Continue reading “[Solved] Fix Windows is Not Genuine Message in Windows 7”

Reopen Recently Closed Folders and Applications with UndoClose

What I like the most about today’s web browsers Chrome and Firefox is their ability to reopen the recently closed tabs instantly. It happens sometimes that we either accidentally close a window/the tab or wish to open them again to complete our work, but instead of opening the page again, we can open the last closed tabs (in order of closure) easily in these browsers.

Similarly wouldn’t it be great if there is some application that can open the recently closed Folders and Applications instantly without the need to manually go back and double click to open them? I am sure it must have happened to you some or the other time when you wish to open the application or the folder you were last working upon. Continue reading “Reopen Recently Closed Folders and Applications with UndoClose”

Get Windows 8 Ribbon Interface on your Windows 7

Those who are using Windows 8, they must have observed that the toolbar in Windows explorer has been replaced with its popular Ribbon interface, which gives an elegant look to the system and you will be able to access the most common functions that you need to use frequently.

The options provided in the ribbon interface changes according to the work you are doing. This means that whatever you are doing, you will get the options that you would need at that point of time. In my view this ribbon explorer is a good change that I have found in Windows 8. If you want to use the same in Windows 7 then I have something great for you. Continue reading “Get Windows 8 Ribbon Interface on your Windows 7”

How to Switch Desktop Wallpapers in Windows 7 and 8 using a Hotkey

If you are using windows 7 or Windows 8, you must have observed that there are theme packs in both the operating systems. These theme packs consists of many different images. The other feature of these packs is that it automatically switches between the images of the pack after a particular time interval. Some (laptop) users might have observed this feature only when their machines are on charging mode (to keep the battery).

But as I said ‘after particular time interval’, it means you have to wait to get your favorite image as your desktop background. For example, if your favorite image is present at the fourth position of the pack and the time interval is set to 10 seconds, then you have to wait for 30 seconds to get your favorite image. Continue reading “How to Switch Desktop Wallpapers in Windows 7 and 8 using a Hotkey”