Add Separator in Explorer Jump List (Windows7)

Jump list introduced in Windows 7 was really a very good feature that takes you right to the documents, pictures, songs, or websites you turn to each day. Jump list can be accessed by right clicking on any program present in the taskbar. This jump list depends entirely on the program.

Like jump list for internet explorer shows the frequently visited websites, jumplist for Windows media player shows the most played media content etc. Jump Lists don’t just show shortcuts to files; sometimes they also provide quick access to commands for things like composing new email messages or playing music. Continue reading “Add Separator in Explorer Jump List (Windows7)”

Tip To Open Multiple Instances of a Program

It happens with all of us that we want to use more than one window of a program at the same time. For example if we want to copy some files from one disk to another, we have to first select and copy the files from one disk and then we have to go to the destination folder and paste those files there. Instead we would like to have two windows, so that we can simply drag and drop the files.

It happens even if we want two web browser windows open so that we can display them next to each other on the computer monitor. Or you may want two messaging program windows to separate work and home accounts. So what should you do? Continue reading “Tip To Open Multiple Instances of a Program”

Get Recently Added Playlist back in Windows Media Player 12

From the era of Windows Media Player 8, I used the Recently Added feature of the player a lot and this is what I have been missing in the WMP12 in Windows 7 today as this feature allows me to see what all songs I have added to the library recently.

Since I want to listen the recently downloaded and added songs, there was no option of remembering what all were added. If it is the same case with you, then am sure you would definitely want to add and get back the Recently Added option in the Windows Media Player. Continue reading “Get Recently Added Playlist back in Windows Media Player 12”

How to send files to Cloud Services by adding them in “Send to” Menu

In many previous articles we have told you about the advantages of online cloud services, which help you to secure your data, provide you sufficient storage space and allow you to share your files with your friends and teammates. You have to backup or synchronize your files on these cloud services.

Now if you are using any of these cloud services, then we can give you a simple tip that will help you a lot and will save much of your time.  Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive client are the most commonly used cloud services today. Continue reading “How to send files to Cloud Services by adding them in “Send to” Menu”

Get Windows 8 Metro Style Start Screen in Windows 7

Those who are using Windows 7 and does not want to upgrade to Windows 8 would still like to enjoy the same features as of Windows 8. How to get those features? We have to find some utility for this. And bingo we have found an application that can help you get metro style start screen on Windows 7.

Metro7 is that widget that will get you metro style UI interface in Windows 7. This widget will give you access to built-in stuff, and you can add further applications from the custom store. Since it will just give you an imitated style, you won’t get the original applications of Windows 8. Continue reading “Get Windows 8 Metro Style Start Screen in Windows 7”

Transfer Installation files from one drive to another

Does it happen with you that sometimes you find your local disk drive, where you have installed your windows is full and does not support any further installation of applications? If the same situation is faced by you, what would you do? Directly go to that local disk and delete or uninstall some unused applications so that you may install your new files, isn’t it?

But what if you do not have any further unused applications to uninstall or after a period of time you need those uninstalled files back? The first thing that comes to your mind is to transfer some of existing installations to another drive. But the question is how?  Do not worry; we are always there to help you.

There is an application called SymMover which actually allows you to move existing installations from one disk drive to another. It helps you get rid off the overhead of uninstalling and reinstalling the applications from one drive to another. Continue reading “Transfer Installation files from one drive to another”

Speed up your Windows 7 System

Our generation is always in a rush. All that we want is just speed. We want to get our work done in a speedy manner, so that we can manage our tasks. If you are using Windows 7 and you want to increase the performance of your Windows, then this article is worth reading.

You can make many adjustments which of great use and can spell a magic in your computer system. There are lots of great tools, utilities and features that are provided by Windows 7 as built in features. These features are very nice and valuable. Some of these features are: Continue reading “Speed up your Windows 7 System”

Allow verbose status messages in Windows 7 and Windows xp

Verbose messages are Windows messages that you will get, if your computer perform a shutdown, restart, logon or logoff. If you start, shutdown, login or logoff your computer, Windows will display a window showing information about what tasks, Windows will perform next.

Normally, Windows only displays general information like loading personal settings, but you won’t see detailed information about which files or settings are included in this task. If you use this setting, Windows slow down a little and it can help you get the detailed information and this will give you more time to close all your running programs and save your data. Continue reading “Allow verbose status messages in Windows 7 and Windows xp”

How to Scan Old Photographs Properly

For all those who take Photography as their passion and want to convert their old analog print photos in digital copies, we are going to tell how to do this in a proper manner. You must be thinking that why we came to this topic, since everyone of us know that it is usually done by scanning but if you don’t know how to scan correctly the quality of print will turn out to be poor.

Today this article will make you aware of those tools which we usually overlook and the methods of getting the best possible quality of your pictures. We will be starting out today with “Windows Fax and Scan” program which is included in Windows 7 (we are starting it with Windows 7, because most of us are having windows 7 only) that will help you to scan your photos even if you don’t have any other program installed to scan your photos. Continue reading “How to Scan Old Photographs Properly”

Transform Windows 7/Windows 8 into Mac OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion

For all those who love to use Mac OS and are waiting for the upcoming version-Mac OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion, here is some good news. We all know that it will take sometime for it to release and when it will release, it will take the computing world on storm. But if you are using Windows 7/8 and want to taste some features of this version then Mac OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion Skin Pack can really help you a lot.

When you install Mac OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion Skin Pack on your windows 7/8 it will automatically install some 3rd party applications of this OS on your system in order to experience Mountain Lion. Further we will let you know how to install it.  Continue reading “Transform Windows 7/Windows 8 into Mac OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion”

How to Increase Data Transfer Rate in Windows 7

Data transfer rate is the speed at which Digital Data is transmitted from one device to another. We often come across ‘Mbps’, ‘Kbps’ etc. These terms refer to the data transfer rate. Now if you want to increase this speed and you are using windows 7, this article is really worth reading.

If you have a high data interface, there are several kinds of delays typically incurred in processing of network data, this is a common problem faced by users of windows 7. Even it was confirmed by Microsoft, as a result of which they have decided to release a fix. Continue reading “How to Increase Data Transfer Rate in Windows 7”

Change Windows 7 Logon Screen easily

Getting bored with the same old usual windows 7 logon screen display? Each one of us wants our working platforms to be attractive, isn’t it? Windows 7, the latest version of windows, allows you to change your logon screen appearance without any tool. You can just edit your registry to get it done.

Usually in the previous versions of windows (XP, Vista) you were required to install a tool to make changes whereas Customizing Windows 7 is much easier when compared to earlier versions by doing some Registry hacks and this article will tell you to how to change appearance of logon screen by using these hacks.  Continue reading “Change Windows 7 Logon Screen easily”