Windows 8 to launch in Sept 2011 at the BUILD

Excited about the upcoming Windows OS? Well if you have liked the Windows 7 then you are sure to like the next upcoming Windows OS called Windows 8. While Microsoft had not revealed the date when it is going to launch the Windows 8 officially but here is some good news for the people who are actually waiting for it.

Build is a new event that is going to take place in September 2011 and it is where the new OS will be launched officially. The event starts at 13th September and it, surely is the date to watch out for. Continue reading “Windows 8 to launch in Sept 2011 at the BUILD”

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7

If you are impressed by the features and the look of the Windows 7 OS then you must have been waiting for the next upgrade Windows 8 to be launched soon. We are unsure when it will be launched but here is the transformation pack that shall give you the look and feel of the Windows 8 OS in advance.

The transformation pack is only for the system having the Windows 7 installed in it and following are the requirements failing which you won’t be able to install the pack. Continue reading “Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7”

Windows 8 Release Date Leaked

Windows 7 is a really great OS from Microsoft and those who have liked it a lot are waiting for the next version of the Windows. Do you know what the next version of Windows is called? It is Windows 8 and we should see some great features in that too.

It was believed that after the launch of Windows 7, Windows 8 should be available in three years time but a new post on the Microsoft Netherlands has accidentally leaked its release date. The article, which for the most part dealt with the first birthday of Windows 7, looked at the Continue reading “Windows 8 Release Date Leaked”