Check the Validity of a Windows or Microsoft Key with The Ultimate PID Checker

Planning to re install your Windows or Microsoft Office Suite? This article might help you if you have some product keys but are not sure whether they will work or not. What if the key you entered after the install, doesn’t work? Well, don’t let this happen, and check beforehand if they key is valid to use or not.

Here is a tool called The Ultimate PID Checker, that allows you to check the validity of the product keys from Windows or Microsoft right before installation helping you to find out if you should use that key to install or not. Continue reading “Check the Validity of a Windows or Microsoft Key with The Ultimate PID Checker”

Copy File or Folder’s Name, Path or Location with Right Click

Out of many things that I like in Windows, there is one feature that I also like and which is the customization. You can add or remove functionalities into the OS as per your needs. Windows by default has many features but if you feel that there is something it misses by default then you can get that added.

Today we are talking about the copy feature of the Windows which is one of the most used features. You can use the copy feature to copy a file or a doc from one place to another but if you are someone who wants to know the physical location of the file, like where it is residing, then you got to open the explorer and look for it. Continue reading “Copy File or Folder’s Name, Path or Location with Right Click”

Automate your Daily Activities in Windows with TinyTask

It can be real boring if you do the same stuff daily. So if you are someone who does same stuffs on a regular basis, then here is something that would save your time. Automating things can be a good idea and if you can automate your daily activities, then you will not only save your time but also feel less tired.

Well, automation is possible in various fields, and if you are using Windows as your OS, then we have got something for you today. This little tool is called as TinyTask and despite being very small in size, it can automate your daily actions so that you can save time. Continue reading “Automate your Daily Activities in Windows with TinyTask”

Today is the Last Day for Official Support of Windows XP

Since you are already aware that April 8, 2014 is the last day for the official support of Windows XP, the users will have no more technical support or updates for their most loved OS.

Well what does this mean?

This means that, you would still be able to use your Windows XP OS without any issues and the same way you were using it however there will be no more on call support to fix your OS problems and also there would be no more security and update patches for your OS, thereby making your system prone to attacks and vulnerable to security. Continue reading “Today is the Last Day for Official Support of Windows XP”

Display your Own Name or any Text on Windows Taskbar

Everyone loves customizing and personalizing our own computers, as it feels really good and helpful. There are lot many ways to change picture backgrounds, audio and some names at various places in Windows however there was no way to write our own name (or a text) somewhere on the taskbar until I realized it was possible with a some small tweak.

While Windows already display the computer name in the Windows menu but I am not sure if you would like to see your name along with the time on the taskbar. Personally, it did interests me as seeing my name or something I want to see most times is always displayed on the taskbar. Moreover it looks different too. So if you also wish to put your name or a text on the taskbar here is how to go about it. Continue reading “Display your Own Name or any Text on Windows Taskbar”

Compare and Synchronize Files between different Folders with PathSync

It is always a good idea to backup and copy your data to some other location; it can be an external drive, cloud storage or may be to some other folder. While I don’t like backing up and spending time on it, it is always worth it. Have you ever come across a situation when you wanted to synchronize two different folders with the same data in both of them? Well this can be a tedious task to figure out which file has already been copied and which not.

Here is a simple and small tool that will not only compare two different folders for you but also help you in synchronizing them so that you have same data in both of them, may be for the backup purposes. This tool is called as PathSync and it is capable of comparing different locations (both locally and remotely) and copying the data to and fro. Continue reading “Compare and Synchronize Files between different Folders with PathSync”

Backup and Clone your System for Free with EaseUS Todo Backup

It is always important to backup your computer for data since only this can help you get back your important data, in case something strikes your PC. With increasing threats of virus and hackers, it becomes really important to backup your data periodically. Now, there are couple of ways to backup, you backup only the important data, backup entire disk or create an image of the disk using some disk ghosting utility.

Here is a tool that can do all these easily and that too for free. Yes this software called as EaseUS Todo Backup, is Free for home use and can help you backing up your entire disk data easily. With just one click you can back up system, photos, music, videos, documents, and applications in case of any disaster problems. The tool can also be used to disk clone and imaging purpose. Continue reading “Backup and Clone your System for Free with EaseUS Todo Backup”

Recover Forgotten but Saved Passwords in Web Browsers

For all the people who like to visit some website frequently, logging again and again can be an irritating process. I also like to leave some of my websites like Facebook and Gmail logged in my personal computer so that I don’t have to login again and again. Some people also like to use the remember password option in the web browsers so that they don’t have to type the password each time they login to some website.

However this can, sometimes, result in forgotten passwords. Yes there can be occasion when you forget this saved password, and in case you don’t have any backup of the password then what shall you do? You might try the security question to reset the password but here is a simple way to do so by using a third party application. Continue reading “Recover Forgotten but Saved Passwords in Web Browsers”

Things to Know before MS end Support for Windows XP in 2014

Windows XP has been one of the most famous and commonly used operating systems by the users today. Even you can see many people still using it not by any force but by choice as they find it lot easier to use than other OS like Win 7. I have come across many people who feel Windows 8 is bit hard to use but in my view it’s all about getting used to something. For me, I just love working on Windows 8.

But since all things eventually come to an end, Win XP is one of them. After extending the support for XP for quite many times, Microsoft had finally decided to end its support for the final time on April 8th 2014. Continue reading “Things to Know before MS end Support for Windows XP in 2014”

Top 3 Software for Juggling Daily Tasks

Have you ever found yourself juggling a bunch of tasks at a time and thinking “Wow! I’ve become really great at multi-tasking”? I’ve certainly experienced that. So imagine my surprise (and consternation) when I came across this little nugget of wisdom released by experts – multi-tasking does not get things done faster. In fact, these same experts claim that multitasking reduces productivity by about 40 percent. So the next time you start juggling tasks, you must ask yourself, “Am I doing myself more harm than good or is this what I should be doing right now?”

What is Multi-tasking?

In the technical sense, “multi-tasking” means doing more than one thing at the same time. This involves switching from one task to another until all of them are done. For instance, you answer calls on RingCentral Virtual PBX and reply to emails as you work on your PowerPoint presentation for your weekly meeting. On paper, this sounds like a good idea – you get more things done by switching from one task to another as you go through a multitude of tasks each day. Boredom does not become an issue; and it appears like you’re going through your to-do list at an amazing pace. However, experts disagree – the proof is in the end results! Continue reading “Top 3 Software for Juggling Daily Tasks”

Dim Entire Screen except the Active Window with Le Dimmer

Those who like working on computers with more than one window opened know how difficult it is to focus on one of them. What if you are doing some complex calculation in the calculator, you would not want to get distracted with something happening in the other window in the background, don’t you? And what if you wish to watch a movie in the media player (not maximized window) while not getting distracted with the windows opened in the background?

Here is a simple solution to focus on one window whenever you have many opened in the background. The tool being reviewed today is called Le Dimmer and is a simple yet easy to use tool that can dim the entire screen for you except the current window that is active at the moment. So that means you can make any window in focus while dimming the rest of the screen so that you can focus more on the current active window. Well what’s better than a screenshot to explain the process? Continue reading “Dim Entire Screen except the Active Window with Le Dimmer”