KCleaner: Automatic and Secured Disk Cleaner

Over the period of time we install and uninstall so many tools or create (automatically created by internet browsers) cookies and other temp files that our system becomes slow. It is therefore required to delete all the temp and useless files that are occupying space in our machine so that we can free up the space. There are many tools to get this done and CCleaner is one such famous and powerful tool.

Well everyone knows about CCleaner but here is another yet powerful disk cleaner called KCleaner which has its own advantages over CCleaner. KCleaner is an automatic and secured disk cleaner that can clean or wipe out your disk for the useless stuffs thereby vacating some memory. KCleaner is designed to be the most efficient Hard Disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte in order to give you all the resources you may need for your documents, music, pictures, movies and other stuffs. Continue reading “KCleaner: Automatic and Secured Disk Cleaner”

Analyze Index.dat File with Index.dat Scanner

If you have been using Windows computer for some time now then you must be knowing about this file called Index.dat. Well everyone has seen index.dat file in some or the other folder. Ever wondered what this file is and why is it there in your system? In case not, then here are the details that will help you in understanding it.

What is Index.dat File?

Index.dat is a file present mostly in the OS drive but is mostly hidden. This file is responsible for maintaining an index of your viewed web pages and stores information like internet cache, cookies and history. Index.dat is present in all versions of Windows before Win 8 and syncs this data for IE 9 or earlier. Continue reading “Analyze Index.dat File with Index.dat Scanner”

Find Detailed System Information with PC Hunter

Sometimes it is important to find what system configuration we have as we can’t remember all the technical terms and specifications. Say if you are required to check what the memory of your graphics card is or would some hardware is compatible with some software or not, you don’t have any option but to check the configuration. At this point of time what we require is a tool that can provide system information to us. Although we have discussed many such tools in the past, here is one more which is a very powerful tool.

The tool is called as PC Hunter and is an amazingly powerful system information tool that can help you find out deep and complex system information which could have been difficult to gather otherwise. The tool is more useful to power users who are comfortable with the technical terms but in case you are not geeky enough then the tool will fail to impress you. Continue reading “Find Detailed System Information with PC Hunter”

Forcefully Empty Recycle Bin of All Users same time

Mostly people living in a joint family own a shared workspace that is being used by more than one member of the family. In some cases people use the same user profile on the computer but there are some that create separate user profiles of each individual on their Windows machine. While creating multiple user accounts is a good idea but managing all those can be a problem.

This problem can be worsened if you are a network admin and have many user profiles created on a single computer. Each user account has got its own set of directories and files like the Recycle Bin. So suppose if someone does not delete its data from the recycle bin, it will consume the shared space of others too. Continue reading “Forcefully Empty Recycle Bin of All Users same time”

Disable Automatic System Restart after Windows Update

I like working on Windows but there is one thing I don’t like about it. System Restart after any Windows Update has been installed. This is handled beautifully in Linux OS, where no update requires the machine to restart. It is really irritating when we need to close all our windows and the files we are currently working upon just to restart the machine.

Although there is a feature to postpone the system restart but to some time only, ultimately, we have to restart the system to install the updates. Well here is a tip and little workaround using which you don’t need to restart the system whenever the Windows Updates. Just ensure you have the admin privileges in your machine else you won’t be able to do the steps. Continue reading “Disable Automatic System Restart after Windows Update”

Save and Access any Clipboard Text easily with Clipomatic

Copy Paste feature is one feature in Windows that helps the users a lot but it still have some limitations to it. One can only make use of the last copied item in the clipboard to paste to some location and can’t use any old copied text. Moreover if there is something that you need to paste a lot, then there is no option of making it permanent.

Here is a free and simple utility called Clipomatic that can help you in this regard. Clipomatic is a free windows clipboard manager that can help you to store the recent copied items into the cache memory so that you can just browse through it from the context menu and paste it to some other location. Also you can save some text into permanent memory which you can paste anytime. Continue reading “Save and Access any Clipboard Text easily with Clipomatic”

Uninstall Windows from Computer having Multiple Instances

If you have been using Windows for some time then probably you must have seen some or the other computer having multiple instances of Windows installed. It is sometimes important to have more than one copy of Windows installed in the computer, may be check the hardware of your machine or just to use the other OS.

But uninstalling one of these is not very easy and especially if you are not geeky enough, then you would find it difficult to delete one of the copies of the Windows OS. As we need to update the Boot loader also so that it doesn’t show the OS listings the next time you boot. Continue reading “Uninstall Windows from Computer having Multiple Instances”

Solve Simple Volumes become inaccessible due to power loss shortly after creation

Disk Management which is the standard utility present in our computers is used for managing the hard drives and its space. This is a great and simple utility to use as it helps in easy creation, deletion or renaming of the disk partition.

But it was the following problem which one of our readers faced while creating a new partition. So if you are also unable to access a new volume that you just created and are seeing this error message then this post will help you. Continue reading “Solve Simple Volumes become inaccessible due to power loss shortly after creation”

Solution to Windows Delayed Write Failed Error

This is some strange problem faced by one of our readers as he was unable to save any data on his hard disk due to this error message that pops up which read as “Windows Delayed Write Failed”. Usually this problem does not occur even if your hard disk quite old or have bad sectors but you can still come across this alert message while dealing with huge volume of data which involves either single heavy file or large number of small files.

So if you are also seeing this message in your Windows system, then below are some steps that you can follow to solve this problem and fix your system. Continue reading “Solution to Windows Delayed Write Failed Error”

Download TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP 32 Bit

TweakUI is a great tool that can be used to make some changes in the Windows system easily and that too without any deep knowledge of the system. Even if you are not that geeky, you can still use the tool to configure your system according to your needs.

There are occasions when some unwanted changes have been done into your system like disabling the task manager etc by some computer malware; this tool can also help some settings back to the original. Continue reading “Download TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP 32 Bit”

Gradually Decrease the Volume of your PC with VolumeOut

If you have a habit of going to bed with the music ON on your computer or say while watching movie, you must have experience this situation of sleeping while the music is still playing. I have a habit of checking Facebook before sleeping but am sure all the music lovers would never want to hear some song in loud volume when they are almost asleep.

Also instead of turning the volume down gradually over the time you can make use of some automatic tool that can gradually lower the volume for you. Here is a tool called VolumeOut and as the name suggest, it is an automatic tool for gradually decreasing the volume of your computer over the period of the time specified by you so that you don’t need to do this manually. Continue reading “Gradually Decrease the Volume of your PC with VolumeOut”

Share Files between Different OS Computers on the Same Network

When it comes to sharing files and documents between computers having OS like the Windows, it is very easy to do so but if the computers are running on different OS then it is not that easy. Windows users can directly send the files to another machine with the same OS and so can Mac users do. But if you are working on a network having computers running on different OS then you know how difficult this is.

We found a tool called NitroShare using which you will be able to overcome this issue. It is a network file-sharing application that makes sending a file to another machine on the local network as easy as dragging-and-dropping. With just few simple clicks you can send any file across a network to any system connected and running any OS. Isn’t that cool? Continue reading “Share Files between Different OS Computers on the Same Network”