CDBurnerXP: Free CD DVD Burning Tool for Windows

For all my disks burning requirements like to create an audio CD, mp3 disc, DVD or even an image of some CD, Nero has been the first choice but not everyone can get it in its system as it is not free. Moreover not all disks burning software comes free with all the features.

Thus in my quest to find one tool that can serve the purpose of full fledged disc burning tool like Nero and also being free for the users, I came across this tool called CDBurningXP. While the name suggests that this is some CD burning tool that shall work on XP, it is much more than that and works on many OS.

The tool is primarily free (even for the companies) and anyone can make use of this tool to create all kinds of CDs which include: CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray Disks, HD-DVDs. CDBurnerXP can also be used for creating or burning the ISO images off a disc (something which is rare to a freeware). The tool is very simple to use and also possess no harmful component.

Other features that are not covered above include
•    Burning audio discs with/without gaps
•    Data verification after burning
•    Creating bootable discs
•    Creating disc covers and etc.

The tool is compatible on all versions of Windows on both 32 and 64 bit OS.

Download CDBurnerXP

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