Change Default Drive Icon of USB Pen Drive

Tired of seeing the same old boring drive icon when you insert your USB pen drive in the computer? Here is a simple and easy trick that will bring life to the icon you see whenever you insert your drive.

The trick is very easy and you can put any pic of yours to the icon of your drive.

What you need

•    USB drive

•    Icon image file in .ico format (you can either download or create your own using this software)

How to make

1.    Insert your USB Pen Drive and open it.

2.    Create a Notepad file in it and write in the following values as shown below

3.    Here Label is the name of the drive and Icon refers to the name of your icon file.

4.    Save it and then rename it to “autorun.inf”.

5.    Ensure that autorun and ico files are present in the drive all time (you may also hide them).

The drive will show the new icon when you insert it the next time. So tell me how you liked the trick.

9 Replies to “Change Default Drive Icon of USB Pen Drive”

  1. hey guys, i have a trick to watch videos in ms office or paint.
    -.. While watching the video in full screen, print screen by print screen button and then jst paste it in any of the above mentioned programmes.
    But u can only watch them when u’ll run the videos in any video player

  2. hey my sys is considering d “autorun.inf” file as a virus nd deleting it automatically, hw to avoid it???

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