Change Desktop Icon Name to Different Shapes and Symbols

If in case you are bored up with the regular text of the icons and want something exciting then here is something different for you.

You can change the names of the icons on the desktop to different characters or shapes like a circle, square, heart or a fraction. Doing this is very simple and requires no additional tool.


•    Select the icon, and right click on it to rename the name.

•    While renaming hold down ALT and type combination of different numbers. Release the ALT key after typing the numbers, the numbers will get changed to the required symbol.

•    For example: to change the name to the fraction as in above pic, hold the ALT key and enter 898987. On releasing it, the numbers will change to the fraction.

•    You can also try other combinations like 123, 12365, 9856, 456985.

TS thank our reader Javed Ahmed who has suggested this post.

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  1. Is it all about ASCII values? even Using ASCII values we cannot change a file name with special charters,i tried with ASCII values but windows does’t allow to use special charc’s,could you plz say the idea behind this?

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