Change Desktop Icon Size easily with Deskview

I have seen lot of people who like to put every file or folder on their desktop rather than classifying them in some drive. If you also fall in this category then here is something that will help you in adding more files on your desktop, yes you heard it right!

With this tool called Deskview, you can easily change the icon size of your desktop icons such that they appear to be as in List View thereby making more space for you to add more files on your desktop. Deskview changes your icon size back and forth to small and default.

The tool has got not many options, you just double click it to change the icon size to small and double click it again to change it back to the default settings. The only thing is that, it don’t remember the settings, which means you need to double click on it again to keep the settings after a system reboot.

The tool works great on Windows Vista or Windows 7 however the reduction in icon size in Windows Vista is not much but this can be improved if you first press CTRL key + move mouse wheel (to lower the icon size) and then run Deskview.

Download Deskview

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