Change Firefox Themes without Restarting the Browser

The browser these days supports changing background themes. Themes can change the interface of your browser completely hence giving you a all new feel. Themes can modify almost all the element of the browser including menu, options and buttons. It adds a background image to your browser that gives a trendy look to it.

As we all know that everything has pros and cons, the cons of the theme feature is that whenever you install a new theme you have to restart your browser and this might happen that the project on which you were working on, gets closed. Hence it is not that easy to switch between the installed themes. It annoys us a lot.

If you are facing the same issue, the ‘Persona Switcher’ is what you want. It is a Firefox Add-on that will solve your issue. It will allow you to change your background and theme within the browser, without the need of restarting it. This extension will add a menu in the Tools menu of the browser that will allow you to change your background with just a click.

The developer has added some shortcuts with this extension in order to make the use of this feature easier. You can switch between the themes using Ctrl-Alt-S and Ctrl-Alt-A combinations and anytime if you want to get the default theme of Firefox back, then simply use Ctrl-Alt-D combination.

Overall this is really a handy extension and you can easily switch your themes, not just easily but also in a speedy manner. You don’t have to close your browser to activate your theme. This extension will activate the theme within the browser itself.

Download Persona Switcher

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