Change International Numbering Style to Indian Numbering Style in Excel

Our last post was based on sharing some information on adding a Windows Calculator to the MS Excel which was liked by many people. One of our readers then enquired us if there is some way to change the numbering system present in MS Excel by default to Indian style of numbering.

We have received this question from our viewers some time back too, in which they actually wish to use Indian Numbering system on their computers because since Accountants and other finance professionals from India deal with this system in their daily lives, it becomes difficult for them to operate.


Well after spending some time on internet looking for solutions, I have known that there is no default way in Excel to get that however using a script it is possible to use Indian style of numbering which is useful for Accounting and Currency. Indian numbering style differs in a way that the comma after the thousands is placed after every 2 digits and not 3 which is usually the case in International Style of writing.

So here goes the script and the process to use it:


Just copy the entire script from above so that you can post it on the sheet as follows.

• Right click on a cell, select the option of Format Cells.

• Now go to the option of Custom in the left side

• You will need to paste this script as a whole in the box on the right side as shown
• When you click OK, the script will be active.

That’s it, this script will enable the Indian Number Style of writing in that cell which means thousands, lacs, crores etc. However it is worth noting here that it is only applicable for that cell, to enable the script on to entire sheet, you will need to select the entire sheet first.

Please see that this script was not coded by me and the source of the information is present here.

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  1. There is another way. Just change the “Digit Grouping” in windows. Click Start > Control Panel > Region and Language and then press “Additional setting” button in lower right corner of the box. Change desired “digit grouping” on Number and Currency Tabs. You have done.

  2. Goto control panel

    Then goto Region and Language

    Then Customise Format

    Then Currency

    Digit Grouping, change as per your requirement

    Then in Excel Formal Cell, select Numbers & use 1000 Separator

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