Change Start Button Text Easily

You must have known by now that it is possible to change the default Windows XP Start Button name to any thing of your choice but if you have not seen it then here is a very simple tweak to do that.

Even one of our readers wanted to know how to change the Start button caption, so here is the simplest solution for that.

Change Start Button Name Using Start Button Renamer

There are many ways to do that but the easiest of them is a tool called StartB.exe. Believe me using this is so easy that any one can change the Start Button’s name.

All you have to do is just download the tool and enter your desired Start Button Caption and click on “Change Start Button Name”. That’s it!

In case you want to revert back to the default name then just click “Change Start Button to Default” and XP’s default Start button will be restored.

Can it get simpler than this?


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  1. your msg will help to upgrade my IT knowldge,
    so i told lot of thanks to u & u’r team.

    Thankyou and hounarable rquest for check the start button renamer download web site.

  2. It’s nice and fun. I made my friends happy by renaming their name as start button…


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