Change System Default Browser with a Single Click

We all have more than one browser installed in our system to serve our needs when one of the many installed browsers doesn’t work. But having many browsers in the system asks us to change the default browser each time we start the other browser.

With the help of this tool called BrowserTraySwitch, we can not only launch any browser installed in the system with a single click but also change the “default” browser of the system and that too without launching any browser from the start menu. Even if you have multiple browsers installed, you can always just launch your desired browser from the start menu when you want to use it. And while this tool can be used to launch selected browsers on demand, its real use is to change your systems “default” browser.

Why would you want to change your default browser on a regular basis? The system’s default browser is used to to open .html files when you open them from windows explorer, and to open urls launched from other programs. If you use programs that opens urls, for example a search engine program, or a web log analysis program, these urls will be opened using the default browser. If you need to switch between different proxies then a tool like BrowserTraySwitch could be useful for you to change between different profiles.

Interesting Feature:

This very small tool can be used to change the default browser, just right click on the icon and all the URLs that are currently opened will open in the selected browser. Or left click the browser if you wish to launch another browser just once.

Download BrowserTraySwitch

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