How to Change the Display Contrast of a Laptop Screen

Working on a laptop is one of the most convenient ways to use a computer. I work around 10 hrs a day on a laptop which includes working on my office laptop as well as on home laptop. Now since we all work so long on a laptop it is very important that we have the right display and color settings of the screen so that it doesn’t strain the eyes.

I had a Dell laptop till now whose color and display settings were good by default and I had no issue watching it but recently I had bought a HP laptop and the color and display settings of the laptop were not suiting me.

I tried changing the brightness of the screen with the brightness buttons on the keyboard (buttons with sun sign) but I realized it wasn’t the brightness that was affecting me, it was the contrast setting. I tried to find a button for this setting too but later realized that there is no contrast setting button on a laptop.

I, then, tried to search the display control panel and didn’t find it there too. So in case if you are also looking for contrast settings on your laptop then don’t waste time in searching like this, just visit the control panel of your graphics card installed.

Every laptop has a graphics card installed which may be default Intel Graphics, or ATI Radeon or Nvidia. So open the settings of your graphic card (this would be present in the control panel), and see for the Color Enhancement settings there. You can modify the Contrast and Gamma Correction settings to see how the screen contrast varies.

So try changing these settings and set those that suit your eyes the best. You can anytime get the default settings back just by clicking the Reset Default settings button. Thanks to this I have now changed the screen contrast and it feels lot better to the eyes now.

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