Change Transparency of the Taskbar

Taskbar is the bar that is placed at the bottom of the screen and contains all the tasks, hence is the name Taskbar. The bar can be made to auto hide or permanently visible by using the settings of the Windows Taskbar.

But if you want to change the transparency of the Taskbar so that the background is visible more, then here is a tool for this purpose called FadingTaskbar. Not only the taskbar gets translucent but also fades in and out with the movement of the mouse over it.

Features of FadingTaskbar:
•    Individual transparency settings for when the mouse is inside and outside the taskbar.
•    Fade in, fade out.
•    Makes the taskbar solid when maximized windows exist.
•    Remembers the original transparency.

The tool is very small in size and requires no installation. The freeware can be downloaded from the location shared below.

Download FadingTaskbar

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