Change Windows 7 Power Schemes in a Click

Managing system power settings on Windows 7 is possible and easy but it, rather, takes bit process to do that. If you are a person who need to change the power settings frequently to maximize your laptop battery then following the long process to change the power scheme can be irritating.

Here is a simple utility that reduces all your burden of changing the power schemes. The application is known as Power Scheme Switcher and what it does is it exposes an icon in the system tray and allows you to quickly change the Power Plan Scheme from there. It is developed in c# with Vs 2010(WinForm).

With this you can either change 3 settings: On battery, Plugged in or create your own power setting.


– Shows the active power plan with an icon and a tool tip in the system try.

– Right click the icon to get the list of available plans and change it.

– Lists all plans even the user defined ones.

– Always updates status even when the plan is changed externally.

– The list is always updated with latest additions/removals.

– Automatic management of power scheme depending on the power line AC/battery.

– Set a plan when Battery Life % is less than a value.

Download Power Scheme Switcher

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