Change your Firefox skin to IE 9

Internet explorer 9 (IE9) is the latest version of internet explorer by Microsoft. But most of us still like using Chrome and Firefox because it makes browsing easier and smooth. Chrome is used more than Firefox, may be because it has minimalistic look with cleaner interface.

If you want to bring IE9 look to your Firefox, we can suggest you a tool known as FoxE9 which is a Firefox add-on. By installing this add-on you can change the interface of Firefox to internet explorer 9. It is actually the skin of IE9 for Firefox. After installing the add-on it changes location bar to match that of IE9 and animations offered by Firefox will be disabled when the title bar is maximized.

Whenever you want you can easily disable or remove the add-on to get the old look of Firefox. In my view, this add-on is too good and does exactly what it is supposed to do. After installing this you will hardly find any difference between your Firefox and the original Internet Explorer 9 UI.

Even though the developer has just released the first beta version of the add-on, but I can simply say that it is one of the well developed beta release I have ever seen because of the fact that this add-on is simply perfect. If you like the user interface of IE9 and want to make your Firefox look like IE9 then go ahead and try this “FoxE9” add-on. Moreover the IE9 skin only changes the look of Firefox and not its performance.

Download FoxE9

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