Charge your Cell Phone Battery with a Hot or Cold Drink Glass

One thing that I never like to see is my dying phone battery when I am out for a party or at work with no charger with me. The red sign of the battery is the most dreadful sign at this moment. While most of us have the spare charger but it is the time and the feasibility to charge the cell phone that keeps us away from charging.

What if I tell you, you can now charge your cell phone with that glass of cold beer that you have in your hand or with a cup of hot coffee? I am sure you won’t believe me, but thanks to this compact heat engine (that we are discussing today) you can, almost anywhere, charge up your cell phone battery.

The team of some developers called the “Epiphany Labs” has developed a small device that can actually charge up your cell phone battery with a glass of any hot or cold drink. The device is called “Epiphany onE Puck”. The Epiphany onE Puck can connect to your iPhone, any Android phone or any iPod that uses the USB charging method.
So basically any USB device that can be charged through a USB cable and draws a power of up to 1000 mA or less can be charged using this Epiphany onE Puck device.


How Epiphany onE Puck works:

The device has two sides, one for Hot drinks (Red side) and other for the cold drinks (Blue side). The device makes use of the difference in temperature of the device itself and the drink, to convert this energy difference into the power, enough to charge up the mobile phone.


That simply means, higher the difference in temperature, higher and faster the charging will be. So a freshly brought cup of coffee would produce more charging than a cup of mild hot coffee.

Thus next time when you are at some club holding a beer or at work grabbing a coffee, you don’t need to run away to charge up your cell phone. This device is compact enough to be carried in pocket and looks good too.

You can visit the homepage for more information about the Epiphany onE Puck[via]

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