ChatCrypt provides you Personal Encrypted Chat Room for Safest Online Chat

Chatting with our far and closed ones on the internet is one feature that I admire the most, as we don’t need to pay heft charges to communicate and we can be in touch with each other anytime and anywhere. But is it safe to do so too? Well you might think, all these are good brand names and should not interfere with our personal chat but what if they do? Moreover visiting a site with “https://” protocol doesn’t guarantee our chat will be secure from spying eyes and the fact is that nobody likes if his or her personal chat is being read by anyone else.

Well if you are chatting on something really serious and don’t want anyone to look into it, then here is a perfect and free solution right for you called as ChatCrypt. ChatCrypt is a free online chat service with high level of military-class AES-256 CTR encryption on chat messages that provides a peace of mind when you are chatting with someone online.


ChatCrypt lets you create your own personal secured chat rooms so that you can invite your friend with the same password which you should provide him personally (or over phone). This service requires the exact chat room name and the password to allow anyone to join it.


It is a free service and you don’t even need to register for it, all you have to do is just visit the service homepage (link at the bottom), create a new chat room with a name, your username and a password. Now share this password and the chat room name with those whom you wish to invite, and start chatting.


The chat window is quite plain without any ability to send a file or an emoticon but I guess this is how it is supposed to be. The window also lets you know the members present in the chat on the right side. Chatting was quite simple, the only thing it being a free service, it shows ads on the top.

So for all your personal and secure chat needs, head to the link below.

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