Check and Test USB Drive for Errors

If you are planning to purchase a USB Pen Drive and are worried about its genuineness then this post is surely for you.

It happens many times that before we buy a pen drive or a USB memory drive we want to give it a try and check whether it will work fast and reliable or not. With this free tool you can also make out whether the drive you are going to buy is worth it or not.

The free software for this purpose is called Check Flash or known as Chkflsh. With this free utility you can not only check your drive for errors but can also determine its real time data writing and reading speed.

Just select an access type and an action type for your drive and you will be able to start the test that will produce a log after the completion. The tool is small and free. I liked the software a lot, did you?

If you are going to purchase a USB Flash Drive then you know what to do before that.

Download Check Flash

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  1. When this sofware scans USB containing data, is there a risk that data are erased? or it must be empty before checking-scanning?

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