Check any Website’s Web of Trust WOT Rating

There are lots of websites on the web and since we visit many of them daily we definitely some way that can help us in determining which website is trustworthy and which we can’t trust. We can never be sure of any new and unknown website we are visiting for its privacy and the content. Checking a website for the trust and privacy is a great thing and for this we have something useful for you.

WOT short for Web of Trust is a great online service that can help you in checking the rating of any website before you actually visit it. We can imagine checking the WOT rating for every website is not possible and is uneasy but in case you suspect a website for some fraud then this rating can really help you.

What you just need to do is visit the homepage of WOT (link mentioned at the end) and enter the URL of the website that you wish to scan. After this you just need to press the Check Now button and the results will be displayed before you instantly on the four factors of Trust Worthiness, Site’s reliability, Privacy and Child Safety.

We did the scan for our own website and the results were as shown below. The status bars for all the factors showed the result as Excellent and we are too satisfied the scan it did. In case you are wondering who/what decides these ratings, then actually the ratings are based on the millions of user experiences with the website. So in a way, it is you who decide the ratings of a website.

You can also download the client and install it on your machine if you plan to consistently check many websites. WOT scan will definitely help you in scanning and knowing any website’s WOT rating before you actually visit it. Mostly helpful in checking the authenticity of shopping sites.

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