Check Audio and Video Codecs Installed in the Computer

Before finding the codec installed in the system let’s first see what are codecs?

A codec is a program capable of performing encoding and decoding on a digital data stream or signal. The word codec is supposed to originate from any/all of the following processes:

1.    Compressor-Decompressor
2.     Coder-Decoder

Playing movies encoded in latest Divx format also requires the latest version of the codecs installed in the computer; else you would face some problems in playing. It would be good to note that most of the Audio and Video playback problems originate due to wrong or no codecs.

Steps to check codec installed in the computer:

Method 1:

•    Go to “Sounds and Audio Devices” in the control panel.
•    Click on the Hardware tab.

•    Click on Audio/Video codec option and then click on Properties button.
•    In the window that opens, click on Properties tab to see the list of codecs installed in the system.

Method 2:
•    Just download this free program called SHERLOCK – The Codec Detective.
•    Run the tool to see the list of codecs installed in the computer.

Features of SHERLOCK:
•    Determine the codecs installed on a Windows XP computer
•    “BROKEN” codecs will be highlighted in RED.
•    Export the data to a text file for technical support.
•    Does not require installing.


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