Check the Expiry Date of Windows 8 Release Preview

The developer preview that was released by Microsoft in the past, allows the user to use it till January 15, 2013. Similarly the consumer preview that was launched in March this year is also going to expire in January 2013. Now a day has gone by since the Windows 8 Release Preview has been released.

This release brought some new changes in UI of the OS and many improvements have been made to increase its performance. You can get further details about this operating system in the previous article published by us, here.

In the beginning of the article as we have told you about the expiry date of the two versions of Windows 8, you must be curious to know about the expiry date of the new Release Preview also. It is very easy to check the expiration date of an operating system. But it will show an expiry date only if it has one otherwise it won’t show you any expiration date.

You can use “Winver” to check the expiration date of your copy of windows. Open Run command by using Win +R keys on your keyboard, type Winver and hit enter. A screen will be displayed highlighting that the installed copy is for evaluation purposes, and that it will expire on 16.01.2013 similar to the screenshot above.

In the similar manner if you want to check the expiration date of previous version of Windows, then use the Windows-r shortcut to open the run box, enter winver, and tap on the enter key. You should see a similar looking screen.

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