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HTML5 is the upcoming technology that would be present in the browsers we use today. It is a set of some specifications that would be incorporated in the browsers, although these specifications are not yet finalized but the companies today have started preparing the browsers HTML5 ready. So if you are not sure if your browser supports the HTML5 technology or not and if it does then how well, then this post will help you find out.

HTML5 means different things to different people. You could argue that HTML5 only includes features that are defined in the W3C HTML5 specification. Or you could argue that it includes every specification, draft or experimental feature that is added to browsers in the last couple of years.


HTML5 test not only let you find out how well your current browser (with its current version) will perform on a website with HTML5 rich content, but with it you can also find out the leading browsers that are performing better than yours. There is a comparison feature also available which you can use to compare few browsers.

What is the maximum number of points you can score?


If a browser passes all tests it would receive the maximum score of 500 points and 15 bonus points. Previous versions of the HTML5 test had fewer tests and therefore also a lower maximum score, such as 160, 300, 450 and 475 points.

What are bonus points?

HTML5 defines an audio and video element, which allows the browser to play media files. The HTML5 specification does not define a required codec though. So for each common codec that is supported a bonus point is awarded. Bonus points are counted separately and do not count towards the maximum of 500 points.


To run the test you don’t need to do anything special as you just need to visit the link provided at the bottom and as soon as the page opens, you will be provided the score in front of you. There is also a list of tests that are performed on the page. You can also find out how other browsers are performing this test and on which OS platforms.

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