Check how well your Browser supports MathML Acid

Today we have got lot many browser options to choose from, while some people use Firefox others are using Chrome as their browser. It won’t be wrong to say, Chrome is today the most used browser as it is faster than the others and is capable of performing all the operations. But do you know that the team at Firefox is making important changes in the browser so that it can improve upon its functionality? Firefox is trying the bridge the gap between Chrome and itself. What makes me say that? Well read the post below to find out.

We have earlier written about a browser test called as HTML5 test, which lets you know how well a website with HTML content will load on your browser. Today we are back again with another browser test called as MathML Acid test. Chances are you have not heard about this term before. MathML Acid test is a test that lets you know how well the browser would be able to handle the mathematical expressions on the internet.

There is a website which actually lets you test your browser for the MathML Acid test. I personally use Chrome and after the test I was surprised to see that my browser failed the test. In the screenshot you can see that the result is full of error messages, which means as of now, Chrome can’t handle some mathematical expressions.


I was even more surprised to find out that the browser that passed the MathML Acid2 test was Firefox and as you can see in the screenshot, a happy face smiley is shown in the result.


Well this is not something that would bother me as of now (since I don’t use much of those features at present) but this can be a deciding factor for some of the users. As of now I would still be using Chrome as my browser, and am sure the developers will incorporate this feature into Chrome to remove this shortcoming.

Perform MathML Acid Test

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