Check if a Website is Down or Up

There are occasions when the website is down and can’t be accessed. Now this thing can happen because of many reasons like it can be that the website is really down for some maintenance purpose or it can be that you are facing issues at your local machine which is disabling you to visit the site.

It can be that due to some virus attacks your Hosts file has changed and thus you are unable to visit certain website. Whatever be the case, if you unsure that whether the website you are visiting is up or down then try following 2 online sites:

1.    Down for everyone or just me

This is some simple site that can tell you whether the site is down only for you or for others as well.

2.    DNS Tools

This site is also great and something that can be sure of. Type in the URL or the IP Address of the site, select Check Port 80 and Ping Host options and hit enter, you will get to know the status of the website.

There may be other sites as well but these two sites are reliable and simple.

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  1. Thanks for that data I also adore to blog and compose on the web so far more people can examine information from real people.

  2. Downforeveryoneorjustme is a great resource. At the same time, pingdom does good job, however its paid.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

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