Check if someone has connected USB into your system

USB storage devices are commonly used storage devices these days. You can transmit any data by using this device. But what if someone connects it without your permission and takes away your precious data from your system. Usually in many organizations (offices, schools, etc.) it is prohibited to connect any mass storage device into the system without permission. So how will you get to know that if someone has connected one into your system or not?

The option available to you is to disable USB ports on your PC. However, it is not a good idea because you may need to connect your own USB anytime or you need USB ports to connect your Printers, Cameras etc. So now we have to find an alternative for this problem.

Solution available to this problem is to check history of USB devices used on your PC or the computers on the network. HOW? USB History Viewer is all you need. This tool can be used to view the history of the USB devices on not just your PC but the computers over the LAN as well. It does not require any installation as it is a portable tool. What you have to do is to just click the executable file and run.

When you open this application it will ask you to enter “Computer name”. When you click the button right next to it and it shows a list of machines which includes your PC and the computers across the LAN or the network. When you select an entry and click start, it will display the list of the USB devices used on your system. It includes the device ID, a date and time stamp of the last time it was used, and it will even let you know if it is currently mounted.

This tool is simple to use and does what it is required for. As I said no installation is required. The link given below will directly take you to download the executable file and you are good to go.

Download USB History Viewer

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