How to Check if a Website is Banned from Adsense

For all the web publishers who are into the world of blogging and runs and manages a blog, maintaining healthy adsense account is very important. So whether you are already running some website or wish to purchase one, you need to see if your adsense is healthy or not.

In case you are going to buy some domain or website and wish to run adsense on it in future, then you should first check if the website is not banned from Google or not because if it is banned then you won’t be able to run the account in future unless you take the corrective actions and remove all the reasons for which the account is blocked. Knowing this I am sure you won’t be interested in buying the website too.

Checking any website for the adsense account is very simple too and with the help of this web service called Adsense Sandbox, you can easily determine this. All you need to do is just type in the website URL in the box provided, select the country from the list and click the button Preview Ads. If you are able to see the ad listing below, then it means the website is running the ads great and have no problems with the Google adsense whatsoever.

You can select any country from the dropdown, it is only the ads that will change accordingly. In case the ads are not shown up then the website has problems with the adsense account and you will first have to fix the issues due to which the problem arouse at the first place.

You can visit this web service using the link below.

Visit Adsense Sandbox

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