Check if your Email ID Provider Leaks your IP Address

Since emails are the best way to officially communicate with someone anywhere in the world, it becomes really important to ensure the email address we are using is safe and secure. If the information we are exchanging online falls into wrong hands, then we might suffer at business. Hence we should ensure that the email address service we are using, is secure enough.

For all of you tech geeks out there, you know that IP address is one such information that can provide the information about the user and can also lead to its actual physical location. Every machine connected to the internet has got its own IP address and hence it is our responsibility to keep it secure.


But what you people might not know that every email which is received has got its header which is nothing but detailed information about the email received. So what should you do, is to check that if the header of your own email reveals or leaks your IP address or not.


Here is a service called as Email Leak Test (or Email IP Leak) which not only lets you know your own IP address but also allows you to see if your email service provider leaks your IP address or not. So here is what you need to do. Visit the service page, get started and copy the randomly generated email address listed there.


Now send out the email to this address and head back to the Email Leak Test webpage to see the result. If the page updates to show that IP address is leaked, then your header of the email is leaking it whereas if the page remains the same, then it is not. As you can see in the screenshot, Yahoo email service is leaking it for me.


So check the Email IP leak test for yourself and never use that email provider to send any confidential information.

Visit Email Leak Test

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