Check Shortened URL for Trustworthiness before Opening

Shortened URLs can be very helpful but at the same time hiding a URL behind actually make them as risky too. Someone might find it useful to short a long URL either for sending to someone or may be remembering it but at the same time the user who don’t know about the source of it, might find it little risky to open.

There is couple of risks that these shortened URLs pose to each of us as we don’t know what we are actually visiting. So the website being redirected to can be a hacked website or can spread Trojans to infect your computer and can also redirect to some website that you would never want to visit like some kind of a porn website.


Thus I would advise everyone to check what the actual website is, the shortened URL will redirect to. This can be done easily using any web service (we have also covered some in the past) but here is one service called as URL Uncover using which you can not only check the long URL hiding behind the shortened one but can also check the website’s WOT rating (Web of Trust).


As you can see in the screenshot above, you can see that the shortened URL was successfully uncovered to the long one and also displayed some of the details about it like the Title, short description, keywords, and the screenshot along with the WOT rating. I guess this much information is enough for someone to find out whether or not he should open the shortened URL.

URL Uncover can be used with any of the shortened URL service available today like, tinyurl or any other URL shortening service. The service is free to use and can be easily accessed from the link below.

Visit URL Uncover

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