Check Username Availability on different Social Websites in a Click

With lots of social websites today, and lot many coming up every now and then, we need a username for ourselves. For all those like me, who actually wants their username to be same on all the social websites (easier to remember) it might be little difficult to find out what all domains are already taken or not.

Username today are nothing less than a depleting identity and we end up finding that the username we want to have, is already taken thereby wasting our time on checking its availability. How about if we provide you with a way to check most of the social websites today for your username and see if it’s available or not, in just a click? Sounds pretty cool, right?


Well, with this online website called as Namechk, you can actually search most of the social websites for your favorite username and see if something is available or not, at once. Moreover, the service is free. So, in short, just go to the website, enter your favorite username, click the search button and see if the name is available or taken.

In our case, as you can see from the screenshot above, we got good results for the status. The good part being, the names are like a hyperlink, so if you see that your username is taken you can actually click on the name to load the profile.

I would have liked this service more if there was an option to add any custom url to the list, but still no harm in checking the rest.

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