Check Who Have UnFollowed You On Twitter

Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites today. It enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets“. It connects different people who are living at distant places. It keeps you in touch with your friends, relatives etc.

If you are using twitter then you should have understood that anyone can easily follow and Un-follow you on twitter. You won’t mind people following you but you would worry a little and would like to know who all have unFollowed you. Twitter notifies you when you have New Followers but it doesn’t notify you if someone unFollowed you.

A web service known as “TwitQuit” is available which will help you to find out Who Have Un-Followed You on Twitter. It keeps a track on those people who follow and unFollow you and it automatically follows or unFollow those who do the same to you. It even gives you an option to bulk UnFollow/follow selected users.

To use this service, all you have to do is, just visit the link given below and login with your twitter account and enter your email address. You will receive a periodical statistical report which will let you know the followers you have gained and the ones you have lost. The main feature of this service is that it won’t post anything on your timeline.

In my view this service is a good service for all those who are addicted to twitter and want to figure out who all unfollowed. In this way you will always be up to date on what is happening in your Twitter network.

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  1. i am using for same purpose and i got so many followers…and i love ur updates…

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