Christmas Tree App for your Desktop

With less than 2 weeks to go for Christmas, it is time to start the preparations and enjoy the festive mood. You will, definitely, be decorating your house with Christmas tree and gifts but what about your Desktop computer?

If you are a computer person who like staying on the system for long, then why you should feel out of touch of the festivities. Here is a small Christmas Tree App for your computer desktop that will provide the proper feeling of the festival and will definitely lift your spirit.

With this animated Christmas tree desktop app, you can add a fresh touch to your desktop. There are lots of tree to choose from, all different in some way or the other but each and every tree looking colourful to suit your moods.

You can either select this app to stay on top which will make it appear on every program you use or make it hide under the windows. You can also adjust the transparency of the app according to your requirements. Excitingly, if you hover your mouse over the app, it will tell you how many days are left to the festival.

Isn’t it cool? If you like it, then do share with others, and celebrate the occasion with them.

Download Christmas Tree for Windows App

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