Clean App Permissions and Disable email Notifications from all Social Sites

We often get several auto generated e-mails from different social networking websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. For example, Twitter emails us whenever there is a follower, Facebook emails us every month for our page insights and lots more. These are sort of some useless emails which can be avoided as they just add to the email clutter in our inbox.

Thus to overcome this issue, Bin Lang and Tim Kendalli, taking inspiration from, created Notification Control, a web service that offers direct links to all email notification pages of social sites where you can click on any link and sign into that service and manage or unsubscribe them if you want.

When you will visit this web service the link of which you will find at the bottom, you will be prompted to uncheck all those services that you don’t wish to receive emails from. If you unsubscribe from all of them, you won’t get any notifications from the social sites. When for the first time I used this tool, I got to know about link, which was something unknown to me till now.

Once you bookmark such links, you will be able to manage all your subscriptions, whenever required. So now, visit the link given below, where you see various icons of the social networking websites. Click on the icon from which you don’t want to get any notification, signup/login for that service and uncheck all those Email notifications that you don’t want to receive. Thus this one is the best mode to reduce all your tensions.

This service will come very handy to you if you wish to clean up the app permissions which you might have provided while using social sites like Facebook. Since these apps uses your details to send you emails, Notification Control can help you clean all of them in one go.

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