Clean Unwanted Files from Hard Disk with Moo0 DiskCleaner

We should keep our system especially hard disk clean of unwanted files that we do not use anymore. This not only keeps the system organized but also saves lot of space and thereby helps computer operate fast.

CCleaner is no doubt some great tool to overcome this issue but there is one more tool called Moo0 DiskCleaner that does the same purpose too. Moo0 DiskCleaner lets you easily clean up unwanted files / data off your HDD.

It is very easy to use, and you just need to check items you want to clean and press “Clean Now” button. What this tool is capable of doing is cleaning system temporary files, private data in registry, internet browser cache, history and cookies (IE, Firefox, Opera), and other things. You can even set the option of self cleaning the checked entries every time the system boots up.

Moo0 DiskCleaner is free to use and can operate in any Windows OS.

Download Moo0 DiskCleaner

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