Clean up Whatsapp to Delete Media and Free up Space

Cleaning up your hard disks or even the apps is always a good idea as they free up space and helps the system to respond faster. Whatsapp is no different. The app is so famous and easy to use that people often find it simple to share images, audio and video through this, which in turn consumes space on your phone memory or the SD card memory to be able to store that media.

When I feel the space is running low, I tend to clean up the media myself by going into the save location but for all those who don’t like to do this manually, there are apps. One such useful app is called WCleaner for Whatsapp, which is really simple to use too.


This app lets you know how much space is consumed by what type of media and also gives you option to either delete the entire media type in a single click or single image at a time. You might be surprised to find out that even the audio and video that you share using Whatsapp, gets stored somewhere in your phone. This app can show you even the old files which have been lying there.


The app also lets you manage the whatsapp backups on your phone, downloaded profile pics and also the sent and received items separately. More options providing you more control on how you manage the data.

If it has been a long time since you cleaned up your whatsapp, the link for the app is right below.

Download WCleaner for WA

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