Cleanup your Windows and IE Right Click Context Menu easily

Right Click Context Menu is something that is very useful to us in Windows. It not only provides us with a simple and short ways to perform many functions but also make our task easy. From opening a file with a program, sending it to some device, or performing other functions like cut, copy, paste, to scanning the system, burning the disc or viewing the properties of a file, all we need to do is just right click and select the appropriate option.

While using the right click menu is easy and convenient but sometimes if the list is huge it can make the system sluggish as the list will take lot of time to populate. Moreover it can happen that when you uninstall some third party software, the option linked to it is not removed from the right click context menu thereby making the list messy.

At these situations you must clean up the right click menu else it will take too long to respond. Thus you can either manually remove the options not in use or use a tool called MenuMaid. With this tool not only Windows Explorer right click menu, you can also edit or clean up the Internet Explorer right click menu easily.

All you have to do is just download the tool from the link provided at the bottom of the article, unzip it to extract the exe file and run it, no installation is required. You will see the checkboxes of the items that are present in the right click menu. You can uncheck any of them to remove from the list, you don’t even need to click the OK or Apply button as the changes take place immediately.

MenuMaid is portable to use and can be directly run from the USB drive. The tool is free and simple to use and works great on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Download MenuMaid

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