Clean your Keyboard

So when was the last time you cleaned up your Keyboard? Due to constant use of the computer over the time your keyboard tends to get dirty with lots of smoke and dust around there.

Astonishingly, the keyboard can get so much dirty that it is believed your toilet seat is cleaner than it. So in this Tip of the Week, let us learn how to clean your keyboard in a fast and easy way.


1.    Switch off your computer.

2.    Turn your keyboard upside down and shake it a little to remove all the small particles stuck in between.

3.    Use your Vacuum Cleaner to take out all the dust from the keyboard.

4.    Next, either use a cotton bud or a moist soft cloth to wipe the spacing between the keys (Do not use any liquid cleaning material and ensure that the cloth is not too wet).

5.    Now you can use a dry cloth or a paper to wipe off all the traces of water.

You would have a nice and clean keyboard with you.

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